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Boots Bevelled Blending Sponge Review! | #6

Hey there and welcome to a new post on my blog. Today I will be reviewing the Boots Bevelled Blending Sponge as the next part to my Makeup Sponge review series. I can't believe I've already written 5 of these posts and as you all seem to love these posts, I will continue to write more as it's also interesting for me to test them out to. If you have any other sponges that you would like to me to review, then please let me know in the comments below! 

If you have read my previous posts you will know exactly what I like in a sponge but if you haven't then basically Beauty Blenders and the Real Techniques Sponges are my all time faves. Usually sponged this shape don't really appeal to me, however, this one is a bit more squidgy than the other cheaper ones, so it does bounce the products into the skin, rather than swipes them across the face making it patchy and not blended.

This sponge is fairly small when it's dry, but it does grow when you dampen it and this makes it even more squidgy and is quite comparable to the Real Techniques Sponge in terms of the feel and size. I personally think makeup sponges work better when you damp them as they're able to release water into the makeup your applying the products (only a small amount don't worry) and this adds that extra bit of hydration and doesn't leave it looking cakey. I some know people worry that makeup sponges soak up a lot of product, but if anything I find brushes seem to do so more. As the sponges expand when wet, this prevents it from soaking up any product.

This sponge retails at just £3.60, which I think is great whether you're on a budget or just like to grab a bargain. My overall thoughts on this sponge are positive, it's deffo changed my opinion on cheap sponges and sponges of this shape. I've noticed a lot of the really cheap sponges are very stiff and are better for baking with rather then as an applicator for base products. I think I've found a new everyday beauty sponge as it gives a really nice, dewy finish. I actually really like the shape of the sponge though, because the pointed end works well when trying to get into the smaller areas like around the eyes and the sides of the nose and the rounded end works well for using cream and liquid contour products.

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  1. I usually use my Beauty Blender to apply my makeup but it has definitely seen better days. I have tried a few cheaper sponges in the past but have always found them to be too hard to blend my foundation properly. I'm very tempted to order this and give it a try! x

    Jordan Alice


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