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Real Techniques Miracle Finish Sponge Review | #3

For today’s post I decided to do a review on the Real Techniques Miracle Finish Sponge, which I have had for a while, but hadn’t got around to using, until now. This is post #3 of my Makeup Sponge Review series and if you haven’t seen the first two, you can find them here:

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I have used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge on and off for years now and really like the way it makes my makeup look. So as soon as I came across the Miracle Finish Sponge, I wanted to try it out and see if it's as good, if not better than the Complexion Sponge!

I always damp my makeup sponges as I feel it re-hydrates my skin and gives it a nice glow. The other Real Techniques sponges grows quite a lot when it's wet, but this one didn't seem to grow much as you can see in the pictures above. However, this didn't seem to effect the sponge too much as it was still very squidgy and flexible. Usually, I find that sponges that don't grow when damp seem to rub off the product on the face, rather than blend it in. That probably sounds weird, but that's what I found when I use those sort of sponges.

As the sponge was so flexible and squidgy, it worked really well to bounce the product in as well as being able to blend out all those hard to reach areas, like under the eyes and around the nose and this also helps to speed up the blending process as you don't need to use a mini sponge to fit in these areas.  

Just like the Beauty Blender, this sponge is an egg shape but has the bottom of it almost chopped off to make it a flat edge, which I really like as it seems to press the product into the skin quicker. Also, the fact that it does have the pointed tip, just like the BB, makes me love it even more as it also helps to get to all the hard to reach places. I find that this sponge is very similar to the No7 Flawless Finish Blending Sponge which I reviewed in post #2 of the series. 

Although this sponge is squidgy, it also had a slight firmness to it which helped when using it for baking as it placed the powder exactly where I needed it. Also, I found that this sponge did dry out quite quickly, but stayed damp long enough to blend out the foundation and concealer, and this also worked well when baking, as it didn't stick the powder together in a clump.

This sponge retails at just £5.99, which is almost a third of the price of the Beauty Blender (which retails at £16). I can really see myself using this as my new everyday blending sponge as it is a whole lot cheaper, it works just as well and I can justify the price more than I can with the BB. 

Overall, I am really impressed with this makeup sponge, which I am not surprised about in the slightest as Real Techniques have to be one of my favourite drugstore makeup applicator brands. I really like the way it applies, the way it can be used to bake, the shape of it, how it gets bigger when damped ... the list goes on. I really recommend this if you're into your makeup sponges too, but also don't want to pay out all that money for a Beauty Blender!!

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