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B. Blending Makeup Sponge Review | #4

Well then, look what's back! It's my Makeup Sponge Review series, which I kind of abandoned but thought I would carry on because I really liked doing them. I'm really fussy with makeup sponges and I can't use brushes for some reason because they just don't work with my skin, so reviewing them is kinda for me so I can look back and see which ones I've tried and liked/disliked and also for you so you can see my thoughts on each one.

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I started using this sponge just over and month ago and I finally thought it was about time that I got round to writing a review on it. Out of the few sponges that I have reviewed so far, this one is the most similar looking to the Beauty Blender ... well it's literally identical, however did it perform as well?

Let's play a game of how many times does Luci use the word sponge in this post? TOO MANY is the answer haha.

The B. Blending Makeup Sponge is from Superdrug, which is a drugstore, and the price reflects this at £4.99, however it is currently in the sale for £2.99. At this price I was really hoping for it to work as well as any of the other sponges that I like using, basically as it's the cheapest out of the ones I've used and who doesn't want to save themselves some money eh?

I always damp my sponges before starting my makeup as I feel that it gives a much nicer finish, on my skin particularly. Before I damped this sponge it was quite stiff, but sometimes when you've added some water it can make it more squidgy, so I was hoping that this one would do the same. It did grow in size a little and become a tiny bit more squidgy but it was still quite hard and I found that this didn't help with blending the products in as it was almost scraping it and moving it around rather than bouncing it into the skin. 

This sponge isn't bad by any means, it just doesn't necessarily suit my skin. I have combination skin so I desperately need some moisture added back into the skin when blending and I found this the water just sort of absorbed straight into the sponge almost immediate so I had to use a bit of Fix+ to get me through the blending process. I actually found that it worked quite well for blending concealer as I was able to be more precise with the sponge and able to almost press it into the skin and I did like the finish, although it was a little cakey so I did finish blending with my fingers which also worked well. I tried to give this sponge a few chances to see if it was just the way I was using it, so I did use it damp, then dry and in the end it became my 'baking' sponge and it does the job ... so at least I have found a use for it.

I'd say that this sponge would work well for someone with either normal or oily skin, or some who just doesn't like to damp their sponge.

I'm sorry that this review was so short, there just wasn't really much to say about it unfortunately, but I hope you're looking forward to the next part to this series. Also, this post isn't just about me reviewing it to say that it's bad or anything like that, but I thought as the last few sponge reviews were positives, that a not so positive on would be great to throw into the mix.

Thankyou so much for reading this post, it means so much to me that you've taken the time out of your day to have a read and I really hope you enjoyed reading it! Make sure to check out my previous post (linked below) if you would like to and I will see you soon!

Until Next Time,
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