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LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation Review!

I must say, from first impressions, that the shades are very much off. I picked up the shades Fair and Natural as they seemed to have the right undertones etc, to match my skin tone. Natural definitely won't match me as it has too much of an orange tone to it, however, I feel that I can make Fair work. After swatching the two shades on my arm, within the time it took my to take the photo's, I noticed that they had both oxidized a hell of a lot. I'm not sure whether this is because it was on my arm and that it'll be different on my face, but we'll see.

Fair is the second palest shade and Natural is the third palest.

The first thing I really liked about this foundation is how easy  it was to blend out. It was very liquid-y, but not watery, and I dotted it onto my face my fingers then bounced it in with a Beauty Blender. I then just set it with a translucent pressed powder. I find that the foundation did help give the foundation a slight bit more of a glow, than a foundation brush may have but I feel a brush would still give the foundation a nice finish and using a brush may also give more coverage.

After Application:

My first thoughts were that the foundation didn't feel heavy or cakey and it also had a slight healthy glow, but didn't look at all oily. It really covered all signs of redness and other blemishes, aside from the few spots I have as you can still see the bump, which is gonna happen with any foundation. The foundation didn't seem to oxidize anywhere near as much as it did on the swatch, if at all. The foundation itself didn't seem to crease or sit in the fine lines and almost blurred any imperfections and lines I have ... particularly around my eyes.

After wearing the foundation for around 6 1/2 - 7 hours, I was still really impressed with the way it was looking. My skin still has a nice glow to it, without being too oily like it was about to slide off of my face! I also noticed that my skin was covered completely and that it hadn't rubbed off or become patchy, which I notice can happen with other foundations.

I'm actually super impressed with this foundation overall, the only downside for me is the shade range. Although they have 16 shades (I think but don't quote me on that one) the lightest shades are still super dark or orangey toned, so I would recommend getting the shade lighter than you think you would be, but obviously just check the undertones are suited to you, or getting a white foundation mixer to lighten it. If you have oily skin, this probably wouldn't be the best foundation for you, but if you have dry or combination skin, I would really recommend this to you!!


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  1. I like this foundation but I agree, it is hard to find a good shade! Mine is really yellow and dark for me, I have to mix it with the white foundation from this line.


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