Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Small Beauty Haul | Beauty Bay!

So as you can see my no spend month is going soo well so far, haha! I just couldn't resist picking some of the beauty bits that have been on my beauty wishlist for a long while now.

Morphe's makeup brushes are honestly my favourites, they're so affordable, easy to get hold of in UK and they're really good quality. I find that a lot of the cheaper brushes can shed some of the hairs onto your face when using them, but I haven't noticed that happen at all with Morphe brushes. 

The first brush I picked up is the E6, which is one of the foundation brushes that I have heard soo many people rave about and this did not disappoint. The brush is super soft, the brush hairs are quite dense, but not stiff and I'm really looking forward to see how it works on application!! This brush retails at £17, which is quite pricey but the quality and performance of these brushes does justify the price. 

I then picked up the M115, which is a spoolie and this brush costed me just £2.50. I always buy disposable spoolies as you get so many for like a few pounds but I came across this one on the Beauty Bay website and thought I'd just pick one up from there, also will last me so much longer than the disposable ones would.

The last brush I picked up is the M518, which is a large blending eye brush. I am usually so fussy about eye brushes as they can be quite rough and stiff around the eyes, but this one is so soft and makes it so easy to blend eye shadows out, even the darkest and hardest to blend shadows! This brush retails at £7. 

I can't recommend Morphe makeup brushes enough, I find that they're are so much better quality than some of the more expensive high end brands that I have tried, and they're like half the prices ... whats not to like eh? 

I then decided to pick up two of the LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation. This foundation has been at the top of my wishlist for a while now, so I finally caved and bought one. I picked up the shades Fair and Natural, which I thought would be the closest to my skin tone, but I've got to say in the packaging they do look quite dark and have more of a pink undertone than a neutral undertone, but we'll see!! These foundations retail for £11 each, which I'd say fits in the middle of drugstore and high-end prices, but if it does everything it says in the name then it could be a winner! I will be doing  a first impressions / review post on this, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. 


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  1. I really want to try that foundation! I eye it up everytime I’m on Beautybay so I’ll look forward to your review! X


    1. I was like that haha and finally gave in!!xx


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