Saturday, 24 June 2017

My Top 5 Scents for Summer!! 🌞

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1. Sam Faiers La Bella

My first favourite fragrance for summer, is Sam Faiers La Bella ... well this is a perfume that I wear all year round because the scent is just soo good. This has a very strong Vanilla and Caramel scent which  is quite musky and it's also so lovely for a winter fragrance too. 

2. Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely

If  you saw my haul in one of my previous posts you would have seen that I bought this perfume a couple of weeks ago. I have been using this everyday since and have received so many compliments on how nice it smells! This also has a fruity scent to it but with it still has that musky undertone as it has rosewood in it too. I have read that the scent of this gets better with time which is really good because sometimes perfumes can lose their scent after a while ... I would really recommend this.

3. Victoria's Secret - Such a Flirt

As you can tell this one has been well and truly loved and this is one of my all time favourites for summer because it has such a fruity scent. They also last soo long as I have had this since Christmas and I have used  this almost everyday since (along with other perfumes). This scent also actually stays on all day which I love because you never feel like you have to top it up.

4. Victoria's Secret - Sheer Love

This has a very girly, sweet scent that is perfect for everyday throughout the summer. This has a mixture of White Cotton and Pink Lily so it has the light, floral scent with the sensual aroma of White Cotton. 

5. Soap & Glory - Mist You Madly

To be fair I'm not a huge fan of the Soap & Glory scents but I love this one because it's really refreshing. This is also fruity with Vanilla and Musky notes, which as you can tell is all I seem to wear ... I promise they're all different haha! If you're looking for a sensual and feminine scent then this is the one for you.

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