Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to: Clear Skin


This step is absolutely necessary because you're cleaning out all the excess dirt, makeup and oils that are in your skin, just waiting to form a breakout. You can use any Cleansing Face Wash, but I use the Garnier Micellar Gel Wash, which I really like a it's good for sensitive skin, it's safe to use all over the face, lips and eyes and it's really affordable. You can check this out here!

2. Exfoliate 

Once you've cleansed you'll have removed the majority of the excess makeup, oils and dirt from your pores, but exfoliating does a deeper clean within the pores to lift all this dirt out. You can do this step a few times a week with a harsh exfoliater or everyday with a softer one. I use the Neutrogena Visably Clear Exfoliater which is very affordable and isn't too rough on the skin and you can check this out here!


Toning is another majorly important step within your skincare regime because when you exfoliate you're opening your pores and cleaning them out, but if you don't close your pores again then more bacteria, oils and dirt are going to clog your pores again, causing another breakout ... which kind of defeats the object. Toning will close your pores leaving you with clean and clear skin! I always use the Simple Facial Toner which you can check out here!


Face Masks help to detox your skin by removing the dirt, hydrating the skin and improving the appearance of pores. They are good to use once or twice a week or just whenever you're having a bad skin day and you think it needs a little help. I use so many different face masks but this is the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask which you can check out here!


Moisturizing is an essential step on the road to clear skin because it keeps your skin hydrated and after you've completed all these other steps all, if not the majority, of your dry, flaky skin will have been removed and this step will prevent it from coming back.


Your Makeup Brushes hold onto old makeup, dirt, bacteria, oils and dead skin so if you're using dirty brushes you're just putting all of this back onto your face which will cause breakouts. I get quite lazy with washing my brushes, as I know a lot of people do, but I've noticed how much better my skin is looking when I've been washing them more regularly. You can use any soaps, makeup remover, or specific makeup brush cleaners and I will be uploading a 'How I Clean My Makeup Brushes' so keep your eyes peeled!


I know everyone says this but honestly I have noticed such a big difference in my skin since I've started drinking more water. My skin has been a whole lot more hydrated, my acne is clearing up and it's been less red. I try to drink around 5 bottles of water a day (this may not seem like much, but it's LOADS for me!) and I'm slowly trying to drink more and more!

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