Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My Hair Care Routine!

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My Hair Care Routine is constantly changing because I can never seem to find products that work well long term. Usually products I buy will help for a while and then my hair will get used to it and I'll see no further difference. However, these products that I'm using now have been working for me for the last month and a half, coming up two months, 

My hair is quite dry due to me using heat on it regularly as well as dying it very often, but I do get quite oily roots so I have to wash it every 2-3 days. 

The first step to my hair care routine are these Garnier Ultimate Blends Balm with Argan and Camellia Oils. I have been loving these to use as a Hair Mask for a deep condition, however, because my hair is long I have to use about three of these to cover all of my hair so I would suggest getting a bigger pot rather than these small packets.  These have really helped to hydrate my hair and to give it an extra shine ... I would deffo recommend this to anyone who need to give their hair a bit of TLC.

To Condition I use the Bed Head TIGI Colour Gorgeous Oil Infused Conditioner, this is my second bottle of this and I'm absolutely loving it. I always alternate my shampoo's so that my hair doesn't get too used to it. Before I started using this it was a chore to brush my hair when I stepped out of the shower but now my brush glides through my hair without causing it to break!!

Using this OGX Coconut Oil Spray also helps to finish my hair off by giving it a shine and a condition throughout the day/night. I use this after washing my hair but also in between washes to keep it hydrated. This also works as a detangler so this also contributes to the effortless brushing. 

When brushing my hair, I use a Tangle Teezer because this helps to detangle and smooth the hair so that it looks healthy, as well as, making sure that it's not tugging on the hair causing breakage ... which a lot of other brushes can. Wet Brushes are also very good to use when you've just washed your hair as they also don't pull on the hair so they don't cause split ends of hair loss.

Heat Protecters are also a very important step when taking care of your hair  and I use the John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat. I make sure that I use this all the time now ... not only when using heat on my hair but also when I'm out in the sun, especially when on holiday as my hair drys out a lot then. 

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