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My Favourite Eye-Shadow Palettes for Spring/ Summer || Collab.

IT'S FRI-YAY!!! Happy Weekend guys and welcome to a new post. This one is in collaboration with the lovely Mercydes from and we are both going to be sharing our favourite eye shadow palettes for spring / summer.

So, I'm just now realizing that 5/6 of these palettes are from Revolution and like I knew I was obsessed with and loved the brand so much, but I didn't realize quite how much hahah.

I've actually done quite a few eye looks with these palettes so I've included them at the end of this post because I don't know about you, but I love seeing the looks other people have created.
Anyway, my first favourite palette is the Revolution x Imogenation palette, which I actually feel has been neglected these past few months or so because I have been trying out lots of other new ones, but this SCREAMS spring vibes to me. Particularly the left side of the palette as the right side could be considered more autumnal. The two shades that always stand out to me are Butterfly and You Know (the blue and the red) and you can bet your life that these will be making any appearances in my makeup routine over the coming months. Not only does this palette have a number of transition shades and my fave oranges, it's also so versatile and you can make lots of different looks including smokey eyes, pop of colour, cut crease etc etc. It kinda goes without saying as it is from Revolution, but the colour payoff is insane and they're so creamy and blendable ... AND as well as all of this it has a black and a white (shimmery white) too! 

The Mermaid Hearts palette is a very new fave of mine, but I know you're all going to love this one too. I don't know about you, but recently blue has just been THE colour, it's everywhere, everyone's loving it, I'm loving it and this palette is just perfect for blue / teal looks. Although it's a very blue / teal palette, it's still really versatile with the mix of shimmer and matte shadows, the light and dark shades, transition shades, blues, yellow, pinks ... I really think this will be a summer holiday staple.

This Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette has been on my wish list for so long and a few months ago I decided to treat myself to it. The lighter green and shimmery yellow are probably the more spring vibe shadows in this palette, but green is the type of colour that can be used anytime of the year, whether it’s the coldest of winters during the Christmas season or you’re on the way to a beach club. I can’t wait to have more of a play with this palette.

I think you can probably tell by now that during the spring / summer months my go-to shadows are yellows, pinks, oranges and just about anything with a shimmer. So obviously the Revolution Peanut Butter palette couldn’t be left out of this post. Not only does this have pretty pastel colours but when a palette has a black AND a white, you just know that it’ll be a go-to for me, whatever time of year it is. I’m eyeing up the yellow and the shimmery purple for a new look?👀
I've been wanting an all matte palette and a really colourful palette for a while now, so when I saw that Revolution had the Reloaded Mysterious Mattes, I was all over it. These reloaded palettes are honestly something else and this one in particular has all those bright, pastel shades that are a STAPLE for the spring and summer. Again, the pigment of these shadows puts a lot of other brands to shame and for £4 ... FOUR FREAKIN' POUNDS, are you joking?  I used this palette for the *bottom left* and some of the *top right* look that you can see below.

My last favourite S/S eye shadow palette is the Revolution Chocolate Easter Egg and the look I created with this one is the *middle left* look. These iridescent, almost foil like shadows are honestly to die for and the pay off from these is a JOKE for a £5 palette. Well you can see for yourself in the look I did. The yellow highlight is SCREAMING at me and I can see this as both a cheekbone and inner corner highlight when I've got a tan!! I did do a full review on these palettes, so if you would like to read that where I go into more depth about the palette, then please click here.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this post, I really hope you enjoyed reading about my fave s/s eye palettes. Don't forget to check out Mercydes' post here and I will see you soon with a new post!

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Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡

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