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My Holy Grail Products Of 2018 // Collab with AlixKate | 12 Days of Christmas!

Hello there and welcome to post number 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas series, which means we're coming to an end of the Christmas posts this year. BUT fear not because we have a very exciting post today as it's a collab with one of my very good Blogger friends, Alix from Be sure to check out her post after reading this one, especially as she is taking part in  Blogmas this year and there are lots of Christmassy posts over there for you to read. 

Alix and I have both decided to collab on this post to share with you our holy grail products of 2018 ... so think of it as one huge favourites post. I have tried lots of new products this year, which I haven't stopped reaching for, for the entirety of 2018 ... so grab a cuppa, sit back and take a peek at my favourite beauty products of this year. I hope you enjoy!

As you can see Revolution products have played a major part in being my fave products this year, so I thought we would start off with them. Revolution have had two incredible collaborations this year with YouTubers sophdoesnails and Imogenation and they absolutely killed it. I'm going to keep this bit short and sweet because I have written reviews on both of these palettes. The quality of both of these palettes are absolutely incredible, the eyeshadows are so smooth, easy to blend and really pigmented and for just £10 each, it's such a bargain and well worth it!

sophdoesnail Palette Review: >>click here<<
Imogenation Palette Review: >>click here<<

My next faves, also from Revolution are the Conceal & Define Foundation and Concealer and these were probably one of the most hyped about products of the year, especially at the time of their release. The concealer was released in last December or in January (I think) and the foundation was released in August or September. I particularly love how big their shade range is and for a lot of drugstore foundations, this isn't such a regular things. Again, I've written a full review on both of these which will be linked below.

Revolution Conceal & Define Reviews:

Concealer Review: >>click here<<
Foundation Review: >>click here<<

The ByKady Liquid Lipstick in the shade Unbutton, was on my wishlist for such a long time until I finally caved and purchased it. I've been put off buying celebrity products in the past as they can be quite over hyped and over priced for what they are, because of the name on it ... However this one is totally the opposite of that. The packaging is such good quality, the lipstick it's self is really pigmented and creamy, without being drying and cracking. If you're looking for a new liquid lip, or even just a makeup brand in general, to try then I cannot recommend enough. You can read my full review on this Liquid Lip here!

I have loved using the Benefit Hoola Lite as it's just the right colour for me to bronze / contour, without it being too dark and orange on me. When I tried the original Hoola Bronzer, I didn't get the hype about it because it does go quite patchy and muddy looking, however Hoola Lite seems to blend a whole lot easier and looks much better on me. I was a little put off by the price at first because it's £25.50, however, considering the colour, the pigmentation and the longevity of it, I do think that it's worth every penny and I couldn't recommend it enough, especially to my very pale gals out there.

Now, let's talk Brows ... I'm sure you've all seen me talk about the Brow Tidy from Natural Collection a lot this year, but I'm still not over just how good it is and how I just can't not use it now. This is a clear pencil, I think it's wax, and it sets your brows in place before you put your products on and then you can set it again with a brow gel after. I've  heard that it's such a good dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Primer, not that I've tried it but I can see it doing the job just as well. The only downside to this product is that it goes down VERY quickly, but as it's only £2.49 so I can't really complain.

Next up, is the MAC Fluidline Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette. I'm pretty sure that only  up until recently, that this was the only brow product that I've been using throughout this whole year and rightly so because it's just ~SO~ good. It's the perfect colour for my brows and has a slightly warmer tone to it than my new Revolution Graphite one does, which I don't usually like but it just looks less harsh on my skin. In the last week or so, I have been mixing this MAC one with the Revolution on that I've recently bought and together they've made the perfect colour that matches my hair after it's been dyed. It's so easy to blend and brush through the brows and you can create either natural or more harsh, bold brows.

The L'Oreal Infallible Unlimited Mascara has been my go-to mascara for many months now and I just can't stop reaching for it. It has such a nice sloped brush which helps to reach each and every lash, as well as making the lashes look longer the further away from the inner corner it gets (if that makes any sense haha!). Both the brush and the wand are so flexible, which again helps with reaching each lash and making them as long and curled as possible. You can also bend the lid to two different angles and it's said to lengthen, define, volumise and also separate the lashes.

Now, let's move on to skincare ... I first tried the Mario Badescu Facial Spray this time last year, where I had the Rose Water one and absolutely love it. Throughout the year I've also used both the Lavender one and the Aloe & Green Tea one and they did not disappoint. I really like how this refreshes the skin and works almost as like a primer for your skincare and is perfect to use both before and after makeup. I particularly liked using this when I was on holiday as it can cool you down and also refresh your skin if it's feeling dry in the sun.

Last, but not least is the No7 Youthful Facial Oil. I was never really into using facial oils until the mid part of this year and now I couldn't be without one. To be honest, I think they all work the same, this is just the one that I've been using for the past couple of months. I use this when I do my skincare routine in both the morning and evening  ... and it even works really well under makeup. My makeup always seems to look better after it's been on a few hours, however when I use a facial oil, I don't get that powdery look and it gives more of a natural finish to my makeup. If you suffer from dry skin and don't like to get the powdery, flaky dry patches (I know, yuck!) when you use makeup, using an oil takes that look away.

Those were my ultimate favourite products of 2018 and I really hope you liked reading all about them. This post was a little longer than my usual ones, so I hope you liked that it was! Don't forget to check out Alix's Blog and I'll see you soon!!

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Until Next Time,
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  1. Luci you've picked some great products! Definitely agree with the Revolution products, I need to try some of these products xx


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