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Cosy Christmas Eve Essentials | 12 Days of Christmas!

Hey there! I can’t believe it’s the last post of my 12 Days of Christmas series ... it’s gone so fast. I’ve really enjoyed uploading more often and I hope to be uploading more often into the new year. Just before I start today’s post, I wanted to say thankyou to you all for the support and for reading my posts, not only throughout Blogmas but each and every time I upload.

For today’s post, I thought I would share my essentials for a cosy night in, particularly for a festive and relaxing Christmas Eve in. I hope you enjoy and let’s get right into it.

Let’s start with a relaxing bath and before I jump in, I like to light a cosy, winter, christmas scented candle and the Gingerbread one from Yankee Candle is exactly that!! My top Bath time essential HAS to be a Bath Bomb and this one is super cute as it looks like a cupcake and smells incredible. This Bath Bomb is from a Cupcake Set from Bomb Cosmetics and it’s really moisturising on the skin, unlike some that can be really drying.

Hair masks are a must for nights like this because it can work it’s magic whilst you’re n the bath and it’s no extra effort ... obviously only do this step if you’re washing you’re hair this day. I’ve been using the Garnier Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Hair Mask and although it’s cheap compared to some, it works a treat and makes you’re hair smell great afterwards too!

Whilst the hair mask is doing it's thaaang, it's the perfect time to slap on a face mask too. The one I have been using recently is the Glam Glow Gravity Mud, which I actually got in my Look Fantastic Beauty Advent this year. I've only used this a couple of times, but I have really been able to feel and see the benefits in my skin since the first use. It's a peel off mask so takes away any impurities including dry skin, black heads etc. As well this it's supposed to firm the skin and uses witch hazel which fights acne and reduces irritation in the skin. I cannot recommend this one enough.

I'm pretty sure that I've spoken about this body scrub before on my blog, but it's easily one of my favourite bath / shower products to use. This is the Scrub Love Coconut Affair Coffee Scrub and it smells incredible, makes your skin super soft ... the only thing is that it makes quite a mess. This is particularly good to use before tanning as not only does it scrub away any dry patches, but the coconut oil in it adds that extra bit of moisture into the skin to re-hydrate it and avoid a patchy disaster.

Next up is my fave part ... painting my nails. There's no better feeling than freshly washed hair, shaved legs and then freshly painted nails. I picked this really cute Essie Christmassy nail polish set a couple of weeks ago and they're just the perfect colours for this time of the year. The two colours I have been using are Buy me a Cameo and Chocolate Cakes. I actually spoke about these polishes in 'My WinterNail Polish Picks' post which you can take a read of here! Once my nails are all dry, I then throw on some fluffy socks which are just the coziest things you can wear this time of year. These white ones are from New Look and they're the softest ones I've found and I believe they were only a few pounds. 

After we're all settled down on the sofa in a comfy set of PJ's, it's then time to put a Christmas film on and I'd usually settle down with my family to have a takeaway whilst the films on. My top pick for a Christmas movie is always ELF, it just never gets old and it's an absolute Christmas classic. But, what else do you need when watching a film? ... SNACKS. These Malteser truffles haven't been out of arms reach from me these past few weeks and I absolutely love them. Got to admit, they're a little pricey ... but deffo worth it!

My Top 5 Christmas Films: click here!

Another way to get into the Christmas spirit and to chill, is being in front of the telly with some Christmas Movies on Netflix ... because to be honest, what's a cosy night in without it? Or any evening for that matter haha!

My Festive Netflix Faves:

  • Gavin & Stacey; Christmas Special
  • Love Actually 
  • Nativity 1 & 2
  • The Princess Switch
  • The Holiday
  • Love the Coopers
  • The Holiday Calendar
Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡


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