Friday, 23 November 2018

Small Beauty Haul // Beauty Bay & Boots!

Hey there and welcome to today's post. Around this time of year, when I'm supposed to be shopping for other peoples Christmas Presents, I get distracted when I see the things that I would like haha ... oops! Beauty Bay are having a really good sale at the moment, which is 30% off there bragging rights sale and even up to 50% off on some of their items too!!

This will be quite a small haul, but I still thought I would share the few makeup bits that I did pick up because I know you all love a good haul. So let's get into it and I hope you enjoy!!

The first product that I decided to pick up is the Revolution Lace Loose Baking Powder which I have actually been wanting to try for such a long time after one of my Blogger friends recommended it to me! So, I thought what better time to try it than when it's in the sale. I normally use translucent powders or even yellow powders, however, this one is pink toned, so it should work well for my skin tone, when used to bake my under eyes, chin and under my contour. This foundation retails at £5 but is currently in the Beauty Bay sale for just £3.50, so if you've been wanting to try it out or just want to stock up, then now is the time to do it. I will let you know my thoughts on this, after I've had a chance to use it.

I decided to pick up another on of my current favourite concealers which is the Maybelline Fit Me. I've had this concealer for a while now but didn't find myself reaching for it much, until the last month or so and it's quickly become part of my everyday makeup routine. As I was coming to the end of my other one, I thought I'd grab a new one so that I can continue to use it. I have noticed that not only have they changed the packaging (I don't know how recently though, because as I said I had my old one for quite a while) but the shade of the concealer has actually changed too. The lightest shade is now a whole lot lighter than the previous lighter shade, which is still called Ivory. I think this is because they have more shades out now, whereas I believe they used to only have 3 when I first tried this concealer ... but don’t quote me on that because that may not be true. I do find that this shade I slightly too light for me as it creates a really highlighted look under the eyes, which I’m not too much of a fan of anymore, but if you are then this shade would be great for you. Other than that I still absolutely love this concealer, I’ll just need to get a darker shade soon. This concealer retains at £5.99, which I don’t think is too bad for a drugstore concealer and considering it’s performance and how it lasts on the skin, I’m very happy to pay it.

Last but not least, I picked up the Laura Geller Filter First Luminous Foundation in the shade Buff. I've been wanting to try this foundation ... or any of Laura Geller's product tbh ... for the longest time and I just couldn't pass up this discount. This foundation usually retails at £30, but it's currently in the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sale at just £15. You can click here to take you to the item. I actually picked up the second or third palest shade, which is Buff, but after swatching it, it does look a little dark which is annoying, but with a little bit of foundation mixer it'll be good to go. I'm really looking forward to trying this foundation and I'm sure you'll all see me mention this on the blog if I like it.

Thankyou so much for reading about the makeup products that I picked up in my latest haul, I hope you  enjoyed and I will see you soon with another post! There will be a Christmas Giveaway coming your way on Wednesday, so make sure you're here for that one, you wont want to miss it!!

Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡


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