Saturday, 12 August 2017

How to start a blog in 5 simple steps!

To be honest, creating a blog isn't actually too difficult, it's the personalisation and the up keep it that can be difficult. However, I can promise you that it is the most rewarding thing when you see people enjoying your content and you meet mile stones. 

1. Why do you want to start Blogging? 

Before you actually start to create your blog, you will need to decide why you want to start a blog. You'll be surprised as there are many people out there who start blogging either for the following or for the money and I believe that if you go into it with this mindset, it will never happen. Not only may it not happen, but you may be lack motivation to write posts when it's not happening. 

2. What will you base your Blog around?

Once you have decided why you want to start a blog, you'll then have to decide what you're going to base your blog around, whether it be Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle etc. 

3. Choose a Blogging platform!

The next step will then be to choose a blogging platform e.g. Blogger, Wordpress, personal domain etc. (I use blogger, if you were wondering)

4. Pick a Domain name!

You'll then need to pick a domain name, which could simply just be your name (like mine is) or you could choose something more meaningful or quirky. 

5. Choose a Desgin! 

The fifth step will be to chose a design, which you do by picking a template (either a free one or you can buy one on websites like pipdig, where you can find the one I use) During this step you will also pick a theme and you can either personalise your banner or create one!


So there you have it, the 5 steps you need to create your own blog. Overtime you will find that you'll customise your blog further e.g. by purchasing your own domain (which I am yet to do) but apart from that, your blog will now be set up. 
Now the fun starts, where you can start take photos and writing posts!! 

I really hope this post has helped you if you have been wanting to start a blog or whether you're setting one up but are struggling with the next steps. Please let me know, in the comments below, if there is something you think I may have missed out and should've included. 

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