Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Anti-Favourites TAG.

Hey there and welcome back to another post on my blog. I haven't done a TAG post in quite a while, so I thought it was about time to bring them back and do another one. Today I will be doing the anti-favourites TAG and I hope you enjoy the read. 

1. What is your least favourite makeup finish?

This very much depends on thee makeup product because when it comes to lipsticks, it's a matte finish all day long for me, but for foundation I love a bit of a dewy finish, like a natural glow.

2. What is your least favourite beauty product(s)? (Like highlighters, glitter, primer, Oil cleansers, hair masks, etc also be specific if you want)

I definitely have a love, hate relationship with glitters. I feel like they can absolutely make or break a look, because one wrong move and it's in your hair, eye brows, all over your face and in your lap and it just NEVER goes away. It'll be a week later and you'll still be finding bits of glitter everywhere. So I'd definitely say loose glitter. I do want to start sharing more of the products that don't live up to their hype or just aren't great so with my monthly favourites, you may see a monthly anti-favourites or something ... let me work on the name though.

3. What is your least favourite beauty trend? (Spider Lashes, Over Plucking Brows, Sharpie Brows, wavy lips, etc)

I mean come on they were all pretty bad but I'd say the over plucked brows. We've all been there where we've got a bit tweezer happy or maybe even had a Georgia Nicholson moment with a razor, but yeah that wasn't a great time. Especially as I went through this stage before filling your brows in was even a thing.

4. What is your least favourite colour to wear on your lips?

Call me boring, but a good ol' nude is deffo one of my faves on an everyday basis. But on holiday, or when I've got a good tan, I love an Orange they just really make my eyes pop.

5. What is your least favourite product(s) in your collection? (Like product regrets)

MAC Painterly Paint Pot is something I used to really like using when I first got into makeup, but now-a-days I just can't get on with it. 

6. What product is at the top of your Anti-Haul (will not buy) list?

Not to jump on the bandwagon or anything, but with all the drama that Jaclyn Hill is having with her brand at the moment, it doesn't look like I'll be trying her lipsticks out just yet!!

7. What is your least favourite product you've ever tried?

It HAS to be the NYX Vivid Brights eye liners, they're so thick and are the worst for cracking and clumping up. I really wouldn't recommend them.

8. What is your least favourite/banned brand(s)?

I think it's really hard to dislike a whole brand because a lot of brands have their really good products and the ones that flop and aren't so good, so I couldn't name just one brand that I dislike as a whole.

9. What is your least favourite TV show/TV show you are not interested in?

There's so many of the overly hyped about TV shows and series that I just can't get into and a couple of them would be Game of Thrones and Friends. 

10. What is your least favourite movie/movie you are not interested in?

I think people may come for me on this one but it's gotta be Harry Potter, I've just never found them interesting or good. I've tried to watch them a couple of times but each time I've ended up falling asleep in the first 10 minutes.
11. What is your least favourite social media platform?

I'd say Facebook. I was never really a big Facebook user anyway, but I feel like hardly anyone really uses it now a days. I like other social media platforms for different reasons, like Instagram for sharing makeup looks, twitter for connecting with fellow bloggers and people but Facebook just isn't it. 

13. What is your least favourite genre of music?

When it comes to music I listen to literally any kind of music and if I like, I like it. But my least favourite has to be either Opera or Rock music.

14. What is your least favourite food?

I always thinking of myself as being quite fussy, but now I'm actually trying to think of something that I don't like, I just can't think of one. But something that I've always had a love had relationship with are eggs ... bit random but yeah that's my least favourite. Eggs or anything really spicy.
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Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡

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