Friday, 28 June 2019

My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers ATM.

Hey there and welcome back to a new post on my blog. A few days or so ago I uploaded my 'Top 10 Favourite Youtubers ATM' blog post and you all seemed to like that one, so I thought I would do a Blogger version. I must admit, I don't really read blogs as much as I do watch YouTube ... hense why theirs only 5 faves here ... but these are some of the bloggers I've found myself reading a whole lot more than normal throughout these past few weeks or so. Anyway, let's get into it and I hope you enjoy the read.

You can check out my fave YouTubers post here!

Makeup Savvy is one of those bloggers that I’ve read posts here and there but never really because a regular blog that I read. But recently, I have really been enjoying her posts and catching up on previous one I missed. Makeup Savvy is one of your typical beauty blogs, however there’s something about this one that seems different and stands out to me. Makeup Savvy is run by a girl called Fee and she’s been blogging for a while now. I actually found this one on bloglovin’ and I’m so glad I did. If you haven’t already checked out her blog, you can find it at! 

Next up is The Diary of a Spanglish Girl blog which is run by a British girl named Lauren who actually lives in Benidorm, Spain ... hence the name Spanglish. I’m such a sucker for a good travel blog or inspiring posts and this sums up Lauren’s content quite well. Not only is there travel content but there’s also a bit of some gift guides and more lifestyle posts too! Also, if you are a lover of dogs like myself, then this may be another reason to check her out because there’s always something dog related on a blog post, Twitter or Instagram. You can find her blog at 

Now, let’s talk Poppy Deyes who I’m sure you’ve all heard of. If you haven’t, she is Alfie Deyes’ (AKA PointlessBlog) sister who started up her own blog. Her blog is over at and her content includes beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel as well. I really enjoy blogs that have a mixture of anything and everything on their and I love the way Poppy has set out her blog and her template etc. 

I came across Lydia Millen’s blog through her YouTube channel when every one seemed to be talking about her a while ago. Although Lydia has been blogging for 6 years or so, I’ve only just found myself really keeping up with her posts. She posts a lot of ... yep, you guessed it ... beauty, fashion and lifestyle content but they always seem to be different to a lot of posts I’ve seen before. Such unique ideas and the photography is something else that really stands out in her posts. You can find her blog at 

My last favourite blog in my top 5 list is In The Frow, which is a fashion, beauty and travel blog (you can probably see a pattern here of the types of blogs I read haha!) and it’s run by a girl called Victoria. I really like Victoria’s blog because it’s got a wide range of content on there that you’re guaranteed to find something that you’ll enjoy. I also really like what she’s called her blog, although it’s a short and sweet name, it’s perfect for a blog that has fashion content on it as, if you didn’t know, frow means front row ... so in the front row essentially. You can check here blog out at 

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this post, I really hope you enjoyed it. Sorry this post is later than I’d planned, but at least it’s up now!! 

Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡

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  1. I love posts like this, sharing the love! I have always loved Victoria, she's such an amazing and talented blogger!
    Grace xx


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