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My Makeup Collection Part 6 | Blushes + Highlights!

Welcome to part 6 of my Makeup Collection series, where I will be sharing my blushes and highlights. Out of my whole makeup collection, I probably have the least Blushes and Highlights so I thought I would do these both as one post. I’m not really a big fan of blush tbh, I only really wear shimmery blushes which give that highlighted, glow-y look. But now that the warmer weathers coming, I think it’s the perfect time to whip out some blush and give myself a rosy glow. 

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Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie, the MAC Blush in Melba, which I’m sure you have all seen me tall about a lot. This blush is the perfect peachy, pinky colour which is completely matte and gives the skin a nice peachy glow. Although this is really pigmented it can be used lightly to give a subtle blush or you can build it up.

Next up is another MAC Blush in Desert Rose which is more of a dark pink. I don’t find myself reaching for this as much as my other blushers, because it can look a bit too much. However during the autumn / winter it can be a really nice blush to use and if you use a small amount, the pigmentation won’t be to harsh (!!!)

OK, so you’ll now start to see just how much I love shimmery / glowy blushes (especially pink ones). The MAC Mineralize Blush in the shade Just a Wisp has been in my collection for quite a while now and I'm still just as in love with it as I was when I finally got my hands on it. I was always a bit stand off-ish when it came to buying high end blushes as I don't use them that often, it would seem like a waste of money. However, this one just stood out to me and after that I was was hooked and MAC Blushes became my go-to's. It's a very pigmented, glowy pink blush that also gives an iridescent kinda look and you will probably see my wearing this a lot over the next few months. 

The Rimmel blush in Santa Rose, which is a peachy toned blush with a slight shimmer to it. This one is perfect for an everyday makeup look to give a natural sun kissed glow. This blush isn't too pigmented, which I actually like because it's so subtle can can be used on days where you want a natural no makeup, makeup look! It also retails at just £3.99 so what’s not to love?😍😍

A couple years back (and by that I mean anytime between 2009 and now) there was a time in the beauty community on YouTube and Blogging where Milani blushes were raved about and particularly the shade Luminouso. This blush was definitely one of those 'YouTube made me buy it' products, but I'm so glad I did. This product retails at £10, however, you can probably pick this up for cheaper on Amazon or eBay! Again this blush is a pinky shade which is perfect for summer, but instead of being shimmery like a highlight, it has more of a baked formula which gives off that glowy look, but without looking shimmery ... which is perfect if you're not keen on that kinda look. I really recommend this (!!!)

The last blush in my collection, before we get onto my all time fave products ... the highlighters ... is the Cindy-Lou Manizer from the Balm. Again, this product, along with the other Manizer Sisters, are products that were raved about at one point and are still very much popular with YouTubers and Bloggers and I totally understand why. Before I started Blogging, I wasn't really the type of person to buy products that were being hyped about but now it's kinda up to me, and every other Beauty Blogger, to share out thoughts on new and popular products, so I kind of have to test everything out (well thats what I tell myself anyway ... any excuse) The pay off of this blush is very good, however it's not to over powering even though it can easily be built up to the desired look you would like. If you haven't tried any of the Manizer Sisters luminizers then I 1000% recommend you do. They are really well priced but the quality and pay off is by far the best I've used (especially from the drugstore) and they have 3 different ones so you'll deffo find on that suits your skin tone or desired look.

Ahh my new favourite highlight is up next, which is the Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight in the shade Peach Lights. This one has recently become my go-to and something that I reach for every single day. The clues in the name really but it's a pinky, peach blush which has really good pay off and actually looks more pink on the cheeks than it does in the pan. 

One of the best dupes for the Mary-Lou Manizer which I have found is the NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic. This highlight has a champagne / ivory shade shimmer to it and it works perfectly for my skin tone at giving me that glow. Highlighters are one of my favourite steps to my makeup routine as it just finishes off any look perfectly and brings it all together. If you can't get hold of the Mary-Lou Manizer or you just want to try a cheaper alternative then this one will be right up your street (!!!) 

Moving on to liquid highlighters which aren't always my favourite as I feel like they can move the products underneath, like foundation and concealers, rather than blend seamlessly, but these 3 are the best that I have found so far!!

Firstly, I have the Benefit Liquid Highlighters in High Beam and Shy Beam (these are mini samples which I got in a set). I wasn't sure whether I was going to like these when I first got them, but I was pleasantly surprised. These blend super seamlessly, just make sure that you don't set your fave before hand, and I find that blending these with a damp beauty blender works the best. As the highlighter is a liquid it has a tackiness to it which helps powder highlight stick to and this REALLLY makes it POP (!!!)

Last, but not least, is the Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Starlight which is very new to my collection. The pigmentation in this is absolutely incredible ... it literally looks like liquid gold. The dropper on the lid of this product is super handy and helps to either apply it directly to the face or onto a sponge first before blending. This also blends seamlessly and has almost like an oily formula which sinks into the skin and gives such a strong highlight, but without that powdery look and I'm absolutely living for it. I have actually written a full review on this highlighter, so if you would like to read that then you can click here!


So there we have it, Part 6 of my Makeup Collection series which was my Blushes and Highlights, I really hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you soon!

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Until Next Time,
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