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My Current Beauty Favourites | May - COLLAB!

Welcome to today's post, which is in collaboration with Mercydes from, where we will both be sharing our Current Beauty Favourites for the month of May. I hope you enjoy and you can read Mercydes's post here!

My first favourite for the month of May is this Rose Gold Pressed Glitter, which I actually did a blog post on a while back when I first started blogging. If you would like to read my review, even though the post isn't very good haha, you can click here! I picked this up from a seller who makes these herself for just £3 and this is such a good price for a pressed glitter with such good pay off. Obviously you have to be careful when applying this as it can drop down and stick to your face for like the next month (probably like a few days but seems to be there forever) but if you use some shadow shields it’ll catch any of the fall out.

Next up is the Benefit BADgal Lash, which I used to use all the time and recently started to use it again when it came in a mini benefit set and I’m just as obsessed as before. It creates long, thick lashes with a slight curl and a lot of volume which is right up my street. This is perfect for someone who wants to get the most volume and curl out of their natural lashes. I know a lot of people can be put off by the price tag, of any mascara not just this one, but I really think it's worth it and if you can afford to spend that little bit more I know you'll love it. Also for just £10 you can pick up a mini size (like the one pictured above) so you can try it out first!! You can buy this here!

The Kiss Lashes in the style Ritzy, are still my all time favourite as they're just so fluffy, they're very full and have a curl to them. They are the perfect medium between voluminous, thick and dramatic lashes and natural, fluffy lashes ... I am living for them. As I have quite heavy eyelids I can't wear too thick, long lashes, but these are just perfect for me and give the exact look that I want when it comes to lashes and they finish a look off nicely. You can pick these up here
Can I also just add that these lashes also come with a little case within the packaging which you can keep the lashes in after every use!!

My next favourite for this month is the Fabulips Lip Scrub which is now my new best friend haha. As I get really dry lips, especially in the Summer, and they can burn pretty easily, I have to use lip scrub a lot before applying a lip product ... even if it's just a lip balm. However, I do find the Lush ones are a little to harsh on my lips when they're already quite sore, but as this one has like a Vaseline consistency, with the scrub particles in it, it's a whole lot more hydrating. Although this is a little bit more pricey that the Lush ones, it's less abrasive on the lips, but hydrates them as well and I know it'll work wonders for you!!! You can take a look at this here!! 

I'm sure you've all seen me talk about the NYX HD Banana Powder on my blog and over on my YouTube Channel as it's quite new to my collection but I have been really liking it. I find a lot of banana powders to be too yellow for my skin, but this one (as you may be able to see from the picture) is a slightly paler yellow and it works just fine for me. Although I have quite dry under eyes, I haven't found that this sticks to those patches at all and it doesn't sink into the lines around my eyes either ... it just sets them, smoothes them over and also brightens them as well! Buy here!

After having the Collection Instant Brow Pomade for a while now, I finally decided to get round to trying it out. As I've been hooked on the MAC Gelcreme (here) for nearly a year now, I thought I should try something different ... although I'm staying within my comfort zone as the products are pretty similar haha! The first thing that I wasn't too sure on was the colour of the pomade as it's quite warm toned and seems to have a shimmer to it, but once it's actually applied to the brows it does come out like a true brunette colour, which is perfect for my brows as I like them to be a little darker than my hair. If you're wondering I did pick up shade 3. The pomade is quite pigmented, however it can be used with a light hand for a natural look or you can build it up for a more bold look!! Pick this up here.

My last favourite for this month is Dove Summer Glow Moisturising Lotion. I don't really use fake tan as I tan pretty easily in the sun, but I seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle of covering my legs in the Winter months to save the agg of shaving them too often and then when the warmer weather comes my legs are too pale to wear shorts. So this little savior is perfect for giving me that summer glow the first few times that my legs make their appearance, so that they don't look too ghostly oops. here.


Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡


  1. OMG! Loved this Luci!! Loved collabing with you lovely xxx

    1. Thankyou hun, loved yours too!! And me too, should deffo do it again sometime!! X


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