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My Makeup Collection Part 4 | Bronzers & Contour Products!

Today's post is part 5 of  my Makeup Collection series and this time it's all about the Bronzers' and Contour Products!

Benefit Hoola Lite: 

I then have the Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer, which is still quite new to my collection, but I’ve been really liking it. This had been on my wishlist for months and months until I was lucky enough to receive it for Christmas, and it did not disappoint. I really like how the Bronzer is slightly more pale that the normal Hoola and this just works really well for my skin tone. This works to Bronze up the skin but as it’s quite light it also can be good for contouring as it casts the shadow under my cheekbones and down the sides of my nose. All though this is pretty pricey, I would really recommend it and would say that it’s worth every penny. 

You can pick this up here!

W7 Honolulu:

Next up I have the W7 Honolulu Bronzer, which is a dupe for the Benefit Hoola. Usually this bronzer is a little too orange for me, but when I have a tan it becomes my go to. This retails at just £5.95, but I'm sure you can pick it up for cheaper on eBay or Amazon and they also have a loose powder version. Although this bronzer is really pigmented, if you use the slightest amount you can create a really nice blended bronze, without it being too harsh ... and also this make it last longer as you're not using a lot at one, so there's a plus!! If W7 bring out a Hoola Lite dupe, I will be all over it!!!

Check it out here!

NYX Blush - Taupe:

I'm sure you've seen me mention this one a lot on my blog, but this is the NYX Blush in Taupe, which I use to contour. As it's such a cool toned brown shade, it works really well to cast that shadow underneath your cheekbones and down the sides of your nose to give your features more definition. I believe this is a good dupe for the MAC Blush in Swiss Chocolate, which I have been wanting to try for soo long but I think this works well enough. And it's like a 1/4 of the price of  the MAC one so I really recommend it!!

Take a look here!

L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette:

I  have had this contour palette for soo long now but I don't think I've ever used it, other than a few swatches. I don't usually like cream products as they don't really work with my skin, if that makes any sense at all. Although these come out very full coverage, they seem very buildable and don't seem to look as if they'd be cakey,  but when I use this, I would use a damp beauty blender to take away any of the excess product.  

Shop this here!

Revolution Bronzer:

This is another product that I've hardly used ... which is ~SO~ bad ...  but it's because it's very warm toned, and a little bit orange, so I only use this as and when I have a tan. Although if it is blended well I can make it work, even if I'm not tanned. Considering this bronzer is only £3, the pan size of the product is big and it'll last soo long! If you've got a darker skin tone than me, I think that this would be perfect for you!!

Link is here!

W7 Bronzing Base:

Although I'm not usually that keen on cream makeup products, this product is an exception haha!! I did do a full review on this, so if you want to hear my full thoughts click below. I love how well this blended out, making you feel like hardly wearing any makeup, which is perfect for the summer and I can't wait to use this more over the next few months!

Review Post here!
Buy here!

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer:

The last bronzer in my collection is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer which you're all probably tired of me talking about, but this is hands down my all time favourite bronzer! It's so creamy (hense the name) and easy to blend ... it's also super lightweight, so you don't feel caked in makeup, which again is perfect for the warmer months. I use the 'light' bronzer, which is the perfect shade for me, but it's still warm toned so it gives me that bronze-y glow that we all so desperately want!


So there you have it, my bronzer collection ... Part 5 will be up next week so if you haven't read my other 3 posts, make sure to catch up if you want!

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  1. I also love the Butter Bronzer! The W7 Honolulu bronzer does look like a good dupe for Hoola x

    1. It's soo good isn't it? and I really recommend it, I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do!! xx


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