Wednesday, 11 October 2017

5 ways to grow your blog traffic!

1. Use Blogger Retweet accounts on Twitter -

There are soo many Retweet accounts on Twitter, which help to share your posts to gain new readers. You simply tag or hashtag the accounts into your Post Promo tweet and they should RT! This has helped me so much by getting new readers to find my blog, taking me to over 2,000 views on some days! I know blogging isn't about views and you shouldn't go into it with that mindset, but it can be disheartening when you put so much effort into a post and not many people see it ... so this is why I use Blogger RT accounts!

Some RT accounts to use: @RTBlogRoyalty  @GRLPOWRCHAT
2. Collab with other bloggers

I have collabed with a couple of bloggers in the past and it really does help to introduce new readers to your blog. You basically can come up with a theme or subject to talk about in the posts and it nice to see what they decide to write about and their writing. Collab-ing is also nice because you get to know other bloggers. 

3. Ask for a share

Simply asking your readers to share your posts can spread  the word about you and your posts, which will also attract their readers and followers.

4. Newsletter

You should include a 'subscribe by email' widget somewhere on your blog, as this will send a notification to each subscriber every time that you upload so that they don't miss a post!

5. Find out what your readers want to see!!

If you ask your readers what posts they would like to see on your blog next, as they're more likely to come back and read posts that interest them or they want to see!

  • Time + Effort

Also remember, the main way to be successful in the blogging world will be to put work in. The more time and effort that you put in to each of your posts, the better your content will be and the right readers will find you eventually. 

If you would like to see my 'How to start a blog' post  (click here)

I really hope this post will help you to increase your blog traffic and help more people find your blog! If this did help you then let me know in the comments below. Also if you liked this post please don't forget to SHARE!!

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