Saturday, 9 September 2017

Beauty Bits that I've started using again!

I'm renowned for buying new makeup, becoming obsessed with it for a while and then not really using it again. Recently I've been trying to force myself to start using products up before buying more that I'll probably forget about after a while, so I thought I would share these bits with you! 

The first product that I've started to use again is this MAC lipstick in the shade Blankety, which is a perfect nude that has an amplified finish. Blankety is quite a pale, peachy nude shade with a glossy like finish which is perfect for everyday. 

The next product I've started using again is the LA pro Concealer. I've used this for years, it costs just £5 and you get a decent amount of product. The concealer is quite thick but isn't cakey and is easy to blend. I used to use this every single day for a couple of years but then I because obsessed with the Urban Decay concealer so I haven't been reaching for this as much! 
If you would like to read my review post on the Urban Decay concealer then please click here!

The MAC mineralize blush in the shade Just A Wisp has always been one of my summer obsession products. however this summer I've been using lots of other blushes and haven't found myself reaching for it as much, but recently I've found my love for it again and will probably wear it during the fall and winter as well because it's just so pretty!! I use it on the apples of my checks as a bit of a highlight and then I put my highlight over the top of it and it just makes me twice as glowy!

The Sleek Brow kit has always been something that I've used to do my brows, but recently I've been reaching for the MAC Gelcreme rather than this. I've found my love for this again because the wax just creates the perfect Brow that doesn't look like a sharpie (if it's done right). 

The last product that I've started to use again is the Makeup Revolution Golden Suger Blush Palette. I just love the different highlights and shimmery blush shades but it also has a bronzer in it which makes the palette perfect for travelling. There are 7 different highlights/blushes in lots of different shades, with some more sparkles and others that create more of a natural glow. 

I'd love to know if you've found a new love for certain products again or if there are any products that you used to be obsessed with but haven't used it ages!! 

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