Saturday, 27 April 2019

Unboxing the Revolution Mystery Bag!

Hello there, welcome to a new post. I recently made a Revolution beauty order and they had a deal that if  you spent £30 you'd get a free Mystery Bag, so obviously I had to spend £30 didn't I? I love doing unboxing posts, as I'm sure you've seen my Birchbox opening series, but I don't get to do them that often so this is the perfect opportunity to do so and I hope you enjoy.
As you can see above, these are all the products that came in the mystery bag this time. I really love the selection of different products they have given in this bag, because let's be honest you can never have too many eye shadow palettes and we're always gonna need a makeup applicator! 
First up are the Unicorn Tears silicone makeup applicators and I have been waiting soo long to try one of these. I am going to do a full review on these so bare with me, but I actually do really like the application. One of the downfalls for me though, is that the pink from one of the applicators did come out onto my skin making it look like I was applying a pink foundation. I do reckon that after a few uses that it should wash off any excess colour ... but we will see.
Next up is the Mermaid Hearts palette and I actually hadn’t even heard of or seen this palette before getting it. I’ve only used this once but in absolutely loving it. The colours are insane, they’re really smooth and blendable and they’re also very pigmented. This palette is going to be so good for summer and I can’t wait to create more looks with it. If you would like to see the look I share using this palette, you can check it out on my instagram @lucibarkerblog.
I have seen the Lip Lavas before and I’ve been really looking forward to trying them out. From first impressions, this colour doesn’t look like a bit of me, but I’ll deffo try it out. It does come out a little see through and not completely opaque, but I think this is good as it makes it a bit more subtle and not as hard with such a bold colour.
This bag also came with another eye palette and this one is just as good. This one is called the Parent Advisory palette and this is such a good palette for neutral looks and smokey eyes, as well as pop of colour looks as these blue shades look incredible. These shadows are also very pigmented and it does have a mixture of shimmers and mattes which makes it really versatile and perfect for travelling / on the go too!!
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  1. I got the exact same products in my mystery bag. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Usually there are many smaller items, that I don't use. But I like these. I didn't get along with the silicone applicators, though. But planning to try them out again.

    1. I was very happy to, I think there was a good selection of items in there and yes, me too. I'm hoping after a few uses the silicone sponges grow on me!


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