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Valentines Makeup Look || Collab w/ BloggerRachael.

Welcome to today's blog post which is actually in collaboration with fellow blogger Rachael from, and we will both be sharing our Valentines inspired makeup looks. I absolutely love trying out new looks and pink eye shadow isn't something that I do too often so I was actually really excited to try something new. So ... how did I create this look?

This is basically a full face of Revolution products and this shows just how much I love revolution as a brand because this wasn't even planned.

After moisturising I then used the Barry M Brightening Primer which has become my go-to quite quickly and I really like how smooth it makes my skin before applying my foundations. For foundation I decided to use the Laura Geller Filter First in the shade Buff and this foundation blends out really nicely, has good coverage, the colour match is almost perfect to my skin tone and it has a natural finish so there's a bit of a glow there. For Concealer I used the Revolution Conceal & Define in C3 and I'm sure this didn't come as a surprise to any of you because I love this one so much.

You can read my full review of this concealer here.

To set all of that in place, I baked my under eyes, round my nose and my chin with the Revolution Lace Baking Powder before bronzing up my face with the bronzer from the Revolution Chocolate Heart. I really like this bronzer because it gives you a sun kissed glow and that it much needed right now! I decided to contour my face a little bit using the bronzing colour in the Revolution Praline face palette. To highlight, I also used the Praline palette and I used a mixture of Fondant and Bon Bon, as well as taking the more blush shade called Ripple onto the apples of my cheeks.

For Brows I'm still using my Revolution Pomade in Granite. I feel like this works best for the bold brows that I like and think suit me best and also because I really need my brows done, I feel like this pomade can cover that up and not make it so obvious. I then set my brows in place with the Natural Collection Clear Brow Gel.

This eye look started out trying to be minimal and quite natural, so that I could add a bold lip ... but as usual I got a bit shadow happy and went for more of a pink smokey eye. The palette I used to achieve this look is the Revolution Red Velvet Palette and I thought that this would be the perfect palette to use for a valentines look!

Shadows used:

I first took Blend and Cupcake and blended them both through the crease. To deepen the crease, I then took a mix of Caramelize and Chocolate and places them on the outer third of the lip, before blending it out, only to the middle of the crease though. Next up, I took Beetroot and placed that on the front two thirds of the lid and sort of making a cut crease ... leaving the outer third still dark from the shadows before. I then took Infuse, which is more of a berry colour, and used it to blend the harsh line between the Pink and the Dark outer corner. On top of Beetroot, I placed Red Velvet to create a bit of a shimmer to the look. I then took a mixture of Bitter and Crumbs to further darken the outer third of the lid, before blending Patisserie just above the crease to make sure there's no harsh edges, but also to bring a bit more colour into it. To add a little bit of a highlight, I decided to take a mixture of Cream Cheese and Frosting and then place them on my inner corner and on my brow bone. Lastly, to finish off the eyes, I took a mixture of Infuse and Patisserie and blended them on the lower lash line to tie the whole look together.

To finish off the eyes, I decided to go for some winged liner to make it a bit bolder and the liner I used was the Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner. I usually struggle quite a lot with winged eyeliner as I don't really do it much nowadays, but this one makes it super easy and glides on completely opaque. If you're looking for a good eyeliner for winged liner, then I really recommend this one to you.

For mascara I used my new fave which is the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. I chose this one because it really extenuates your lashes, making them look long, curled and thicker than natural ... all without looking like spiders legs and I LOVE IT!

To complete this Valentines makeup look I decided to go for a creamy nude lip which is the Soph x Revolution in the shade Cake. I think this lipstick was the perfect colour to tie in the whole makeup look, without looking too much with the eyes. Because of the bold liner I didn't feel the need to apply some lashes, but if you decide to try out this makeup look then of course go add some lashes.


The Final Look!
*please excuse my eyebrows as they are in desperate need of being done!! hahah*

I actually planned for this look to be a light pink with a little shimmer to it ... however it very much turned into more of a sultry smokey eye with a little pop of pink and shimmer. I really hope you enjoyed this post and liked hearing about how I created this look. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I'll see you soon with another post! Also, thank you to Rachael for collabing with me!

Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡
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