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Coming up with content ideas can be difficult enough anyway, but it's even harder to workout content when you don't know your niche. When I started blogging I thought I would base my blog around Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel, which in a sense it was, but for a number of months my posts have been based solely on Beauty ... which I feel the majority of my audience prefer. Beauty posts are some of my favourite to write as thats where my main passion is, but I have visions of my blog being so much more in the future. 

I want to be travelling the world, doing more adventurous things and visiting some incredible places out there and then be able to share it with you all and to be able to look back on it all in years to come. I have a couple of exiting trips planned over the next year or so and the content I'm planning to create seems so much easier for me to come up with and plan and I would eventually like my blog to evolve into Travel and Fashion with the odd Beauty post. However, to me this is quite daunting as the audience I have already established seems to like my Beauty related posts a whole lot more. 

Starting a blog is big step to take as you're putting not only yourself, but all your thoughts and opinions out there for anyone and everyone to read. In the Blogging world, there are millions of people out there with the same goals as you, which is to find their place and establish an audience of whoever may be interested in what they have to say. I'm not saying that every one's goal is to be a full-time blogger when they first start, but eventually when people grow a love for what they doing, in the end that may be their goal. 

There's so much talk about copyright and if one blogger's content looks similar to another's that they've automatically copied it, even if they've never heard of this blogger in their life ... all because they have the same creative minds and thoughts. The fashion bloggers that are taking OOTD posts on someones door step or the Beauty Bloggers that use rose gold or marble in their flat-lays, automatically everyone's copying each other or being 'generic'. I mean COME ON there's millions of bloggers out there, we've all got to find inspiration from somewhere, or the flat lays that one person thinks looks good, thousands of other bloggers will do too. How else do you think popular posts come out, like Monthly Favourites etc is everyone automatically copying the people who started these ... again NO.  Or even how someones Instagram theme looks ... they do say great minds think alike.

Obviously I'm not in any way condoning copying, because sometimes it can be quite clear when content is copied but this isn't always the case. Your blog is your own little space to write about what you want, to upload what you want and you should keep writing about what you love, even if it is considered 'generic content' because whose really judging ... if someone wants to read your posts, they will, regardless of what it's about. It's quite easier for people who aren't bloggers to stand there and point the finger at a 'generic blogger' but until you are one you won't know how much hard work and time goes into a post, even the shortest of posts and as long as you've put your heart and soul in to each post, take that sense of pride and achievement and put it into your next post. As Rachel from friends says 'No uterus, no opinion' ... in this case 'No Blog, no opinion' 😉.

When you read Blogger Help blog post's they all seem to say that you should be finding your niche, whether that be Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle etc. otherwise you won't be able to establish a loyal audience as one person who is interested in Beauty, may not be interested in the Lifestyle or Fashion posts ... but to be honest it's your blog, you write the content that you love and create the blog that you're proud of. To be fair, in a sense I do agree that you can find similar or even the same type of content on thousands and thousands of blogs, but what makes it different? You. The fact that what you're writing has come from the heart and it's written in your own style ... which makes it authentic no matter what the stigma around it is. 

I'm not really sure where I was going with this post, I just wanted to express my thoughts on this as I've been thinking about it for ages, but I hope you enjoyed none the less.

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  1. This. So much. I try to stay within a theme, but in the end, I still don't know what you could call my blog. Sometimes I just want to write but I hold myself back because it wouldn't work on the blog, by why should that make a difference? Like you said, it's your blog, do what you want!

    Great post!

    XO Steph

    1. Ah Thankyou so much! Yes exactly, go for it girl! xx


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