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Beauty Blender Cleanser Dupe | Cleaning Your Brushes The Easy Way!

Anyone else really dislike having to wash your makeup brushes? because I certainly do ... I find myself holding it off for way to long and finding any excuse not to do it!! But with the new Obsession Solid Brush Cleaner, it makes cleaning your brushes much less of a chore and you can wash a handful of brushes at the same time!! 

I have been using the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser for years now and it does work a treat on my sponges and brushes, but I find that they're quite small (this one came with my BB so this is slightly smaller than the full size one!) and they run out super quickly. However, with the new Obsession Brush Cleaner, you get twice the amount of product for half the price of the BB one and this means you can wash a number of brushes at the same time.

I have a pretty big collection of makeup brushes, and I would usually break down the whole cleaning process a bit by cleaning my everyday brushes one day, then eye brushes the next and so on. But now I can clean my whole set of brushes in about 10-15 minutes.

I find when I clean my brushes with soaps or shampoo's etc. that they can make the brush hairs quite stiff and hard afterwards, but this cleanser really keeps the brushes feeling soft. I always noticed that the first time I would use my brushes after washing them, that some of the hairs would shed onto my face making it difficult to do my makeup, especially face makeup, which I haven't had with since using this one.

I really have been liking this cleanser as its quick & easy, keeps your brushes soft, cleans deep into the brush hairs, doesn't cause them to shed AND it's only £8 ... what more could you want?


If you're unsure of how this work, all you need to do is -

1. Run each brush under lukewarm water.
2. Swirl the brush in cleanser.
3. Once you think it's almost clean, run the brush under lukewarm water again.
4. If it's not quite clean swirl it in the cleanser again.
5. Rinse and dry on a towel.

Don't forget to leave the brushes facing down when leaving them to dry, so the water from the brush hairs can drip onto a towel because if the glue that attaches the brush hairs to the handle get's wet, it can loosen the glue and break the brush.

For some reason the 'before' photos didn't come out how I wanted them too, so the 'before' photos below were taken of other brushes that I hadn't cleaned, just so you can get the idea of how well the cleaner works!!




Obsession by Revolution Cleanser (here)

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  1. I’m so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, I’m defo going to look into this one! Really good post xx

    1. Ah I really recommend it!! And thank you!!xx

  2. I find using baby shampoo works so well for my brushes, but for my beauty blender and sponges it takes forever to get the soap out! Will have to give this a try! How long does it tend to last? Does it run out quite quickly?

    Annabel x

    1. ooo, I haven't used baby shampoo for my brushes and I'm sure you'll love it! I've had this since November, have used it probably 2-3 times a month and it's still going strong. Probably over half left, so it lasts a good while!


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