Saturday, 22 April 2017

5 Beauty Hacks! - you need to try.

This blog post is in collaboration with Ellie from - Ellie has also included 5 beauty hacks over on her blog post! 

Ellie's Blog:

Today I have 5 Beauty Hacks that you really need to try. These hacks have helped me so much .... especially when I'm in a rush!

1. Put your wet nails in ice and water so they dry quicker.

Are you ever in a hurry for your nails to dry? Do you wait until the last minute to paint your nails? (just like me?) then this hack will give you the time to paint your nails right before you walk out the door.

2. Use a toothbrush to tame fly away hairs.

I'm not really the type  of person to wear my hair up - but when I do my baby hairs go MAD! This really helps to stick them down for a more sleek look and also if you spray a bit of hairspray onto the toothbrush it makes sure it stays there all day!

3. Heat your eyelash curlers with a Hairdryer.

Although I'm quite lucky to have fairly long eyelashes naturally, I still like to curl them to give them a little more curl which also really helps to make your eyes look more open and big. I find that using lash curlers on their own doesn't make them stay, however, if you heat the curlers up it helps the curl to stay all day.

4. Remove makeup stains with Shaving Foam.

I'm a very clumsy person which leaves me with stains on my clothes ... and pretty much every where else🤦🤣 so this hack has helped me out SO much. If you spill - lets say foundation - on your clothes, just squeeze a small amount of shaving foam on the stain and rub it in circular motions. This will bring the stain out and then if you put it in the washing machine as normal it'll wash off the excess product and shaving foam.

5. Sleep with Silk Pillowcases to prevent frizzy hair, breakouts and WRINKLES?

If you know me, you'll know that I literally will do  ANYTHING to prevent getting wrinkles and if such an easy change will stop that then I'm all for it. I also suffer with very bad acne and using silk pillow cases has really helped to calm it down ... however I am yet to find a complete cure for my acne, so if you know any other ways to help getting rid of it, weather its a product or anything then please let me know in the comments. 



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