Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Blogtober Day 1 || Blogtober Post Ideas

Hiya! Welcome to my first blogtober post of this year. I haven't done blogtober yet and I've been wanting to do it all year so I thought it was about time I did and just go for it. I know this is going to be a lot of hard work but I really hope you enjoy reading the content I've been planning these past few weeks. For post number one I thought I would share some post ideas for the month just in case there are other bloggers who are struggling for ideas, just like I was. I hope you enjoy.

1. September Favourites
2. Autumn Clothing Haul
3. Your Favourite Fall Lipsticks 
4. Autumn Bucket List
5. Halloween Makeup Look 
6. Pumpkin Carving 
7. Top 5 Favourite Scary Movies
8. Share your current favourite Bloggers or Youtubers
9. Your Favourite A/W Candles
10. Your Guide to A/W Fashion
11. Autumnal Makeup Look
12. Your Favourite Warm Toned Eye Shadow Palettes
13. Halloween Outfit Ideas
14. Show your Halloween Decorations
15. Share what's on your Wishlist 
16. Podcasts your loving at the moment 
17. Share your current Playlist
18. Your A/W Morning or Evening Routine 
19. Share your favourite place to get Knitwear
20. Blogtober or Blogmas Ideas Post 
21. Share your highlights of the Previous month
22. Life Update
23. Your Favourite Autumnal Scents
24. Winter Skincare Routine 
25. Lush Haul
26. Candle Haul
27. Your Go-to A/W Nail Polishes
28. Your biggest motivation
29. Things to do in your town/city during A/W
30. Collab with other Bloggers.
31. Set yourself some goals for the end of the year.
32. Share any A/W Traditions you have
33. Share your staple A/W fashion accessories
34. Redesign your Blog for Halloween and share how you did it
35. Share some of your best blogger tips
36. Host a Giveaway
37. Ask another blogger to write a Guest Post

So they're just some of the ideas that I can think of at the moment and I hope they have helped you out with you content for either this month or the coming months. I will add to it as and when I can think of some more or if you have any ideas that you think need to be included, then please let me know in the comments below. 

You can check out my previous post here!

See You Tomorrow,

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