Monday, 12 August 2019

My 20th Birthday Bucket List!

A few weeks ago, I turned the big 2 - 0 and for the last two years I've done 'goals' posts of things that I want to achieve in that year, so I thought ... why not do another one for this year. I feel like this is the first birthday I've had where I'm like 'crap, does this make me a full blown adult now?' ... because I certainly don't feel it haha. 

If you want to seem 'My 19th Birthday Bucket List', you can click here.

My Goals from last Year:
  • Go to more Concerts
  • Travel to new places
  • Grow my blog to 85K views.
  • Buy my first Car
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Go to a Festival
  • Go to more Blogger Events
  • Meet more Bloggers
  • Take up a new hobby, whether it's a Sport or something else
  • Get fit and healthy ... Start going to the GYM
  • Up my blog game ... from photos, to content, to my way of writing
  • Be Happy (or happier)

Looking back at my list from last year and I didn't tick as many things off as I wanted to but you know, at least I did a couple. Soo ... what did I achieve?

 So over the last year, I did manage to travel to new places as I went to Torremolinos, which is a part of Spain I hadn't been too before and I also went to Goa, India.

I  didn't quite get my blog to 85,000 views, but that's okay because I recently hit 70,000 views and that itself still blows my mind. And it's also not only about numbers either and although it's crazy and is a nice feeling when a blog post does well, it is very hard now a days, especially, to get your content noticed. 

I also managed to buy my first car. I remember this being a big one for m as I'd had my license for well over a year at the time, but wasn't quite able to buy my car, but I'm very happy and proud of myself that I was able to pay for it all by myself.

My Goals for this Year!
  • Continue Blogging 2/3 times a Week. 
  • Solo Travel 
  • Travel to new places 
  • Start working out (every year I say this lmao)
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Say YES more
  • Learn more Spanish
  • Find a new hobby
Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡



  1. Love this! I turn 20 next month and I'm looking forward to starting a new phase in my life. I feel like your 20s is where you experience the most growth and change. It's scary but super exciting! Love your list. I hope you manage to reach your goals this year. Also congratulations on reaching 70,000 views! That's amazing

    Chelle |

    1. Oooh hope you have a fab birthday! Yeah I agree with you, it's very exciting and thankyou so much! x x


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