Saturday, 6 July 2019

PRIMARK Perfect Finish Foundation Review!

Hey there and welcome back to a new post. I’ve been wanting to write this review on the Primark Foundation for almost a month now, but I wanted to make sure that I’d tried it out a fair few times to get a proper opinion on it. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this post and if there is any other products that you would like me to review in the future, please do let me know. 

Let’s start by talking about the packaging because packaging plays a part in making me want to try products out usually, but not so much this time. This foundation comes in a squeezey tube, which has the typical ‘PS ... My Perfect Colour’ logo on it that is recognised across all of Primarks beauty range. At just £2.50, this foundation has to be one of the cheapest ... and certainly one of the best, I’ve tried in a while. You get 35ml of product for this price and that’s actually 5ml more than you average 30ml foundation tubes. 

This foundation is said to have a medium to full coverage, but if you’re like me and use a damp beauty blender on application, then this gives more of a medium coverage. I use the shade Nude and this is perfect for my skin tone, it has just the right warm under tones and isn’t a really orangey shade ... which some other really cheap foundations are. This foundation gives a really nice natural finish with a bit of a glow, without the oily look/ feel. My skin is more on the oily side now a days and a lot of foundations end up almost sliding off of my skin throughout the day (sounds gross, I know) but this one seems to stay out and doesn’t get more oily throughout the day ... obviously this could be down to a good setting powder too, but I’ve used this with a couple of powders now and it works just the same with both.

The only downfall for me is that it’s not the easiest product to get hold of, due to Primark not having an online store to order it on and my nearest Primark is around half an hour away. However, this will just make me stock up on it every time I’m able to go into the store.

So what are my overall thoughts? Well I really like how the foundation looks and feels on the skin, it doesn’t cake up but you can also build it for a higher coverage (although it has got a good medium coverage already) and it’s very cheap for what it is. Like I said, it isn’t very easy to get hold of but that’s easily fixed with stocking up on it. They only have 7 shades in this foundation (at least that's what it shows on the Primark website) which for a cheap foundation and a fairly small brand in terms of beauty products, its actually pretty good but let's be real 7 shades isn't good enough so that would be one other negative for me. Other than the 2 negatives, I deffo think that it’s up there with one of my all time faves and it’s even better than a lot of the high end foundations I’ve tried. I cannot recommend you all to try this enough, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this post and I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and opinion on the Primark Foundation.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

June Favourites 2019.

Happy July lovelies! I can't quite believe we're over half way through the year now but I'm very happy that it's now my birthday month and very nearly the season of us Leo's. Anyway we all know what a new month means ... a monthly favourites post of course and this month I'm extra excited to be writing this one so I hope you enjoy the read.

My first favourite for the month of June is the Isn't It Peachy Palette from Makeup Obsession. When I was shopping for makeup the other week, I realised that I didn't have many face palettes and I've been particularly wanting to wear an Orange blush recently, and this was the perfect find. Boots had a buy one get another product half price and I had to take full advantage of that and I figured that it was the perfect time for me to get it. The palette has 4 different blushes, two of which are matte orangey shades, there is one more baked looking peach blush and then a more glowy peach highlight. This palette retails for just £6, the blushes are very smooth and blendable and I can't wait to continue using them over the summer months.

My next two favourites are sort of a pair and they are the Natural Collection Liner Lipstick in the shade Barely There and the Collection Cushion Lip Tint in Pretty Kiss. This has become my new favourite combo for both everyday and more glam looks. They're both warm toned nudes but the Revlon one is really creamy which makes it feel almost like a gloss. Although I hardly wear glosses or creamy lipsticks, I do like to dab this one with a tissue to give it more of a matte look, so you get the best of both worlds ... and dabbing lipsticks also helps them become more of a lip tint and they stay on longer that way. These products also work really well on their own as they have good colour pay off and you really don't to use much at all to get an opaque finish. 

Next up is the Ted Baker Body Lotion and this used to be my thinggg back in school and I used to use it all the time, until I found my absolute fave the Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion. I absolutely love the smell of this body lotion, not only because it makes your skin feel super soft, but the scent of it is heavenly. I believe this may have been discontinued now because I can't find it online, apart from on Amazon or eBay (obviously just make sure they're brand new). You all know that I'm awful as describing scents but it's described as a mixture of fruits, exotic flowers, rare wood and amber.

Last but not least, is the Zara Amber Vanilla Roll on Perfume. I haven't long been using it, but I think I've found my new favourite perfume. I struggle with finding perfumes that I actually like, that don't  cost an arm and a leg, because I'm so fussy with scents. I'm not a big fan of pretty, floral-y scents, I'm more about the musky, woody and vanilla kinda scents ... I told you I'm bad at describing them. But this one is literally THE scent I want when buying perfumes.

And those were my favourites for the month of June and I really hope you enjoyed reading all about them.

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Until Next Time,
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