Sunday, 9 June 2019

My Top 10 Favourite YouTubers ATM.

Hey there and welcome back to a new post on my blog. It's been so long since I did a post about my favourite youtubers to watch, so I thought I would do an updated one, especially as I'm watching so many different ones than I was when I last did this post. I have noticed that I've steered away from watching beauty videos as much as I did before and now I'm very much into watching vlogs, challenges and exploring videos at the moment. Anyway, let's get into it!

I’ve only recently started watching SYDANDELL properly, because before I had only watch them every so often. However, now I’m watching them religiously and I even went back and watch probably every single one they’ve ever uploaded. SYDANDELL are best friends, if it isn’t obvious one of them is called Sydney and the others called Ellie and they’re 21 and 22. They upload a mixture of beauty, fashion and travel videos as well as drive with me’s and they’ve also recently started a blog channel by the name of SYDANDELLVLOGS. I deffo recommend checking they’re videos soon! 

Well I just had to include one ASMRtist on here didn’t I? ASMR is such a popular thing on YouTube at the moment and I really have been enjoying watching/listening to it recently. Gibi does a range of different types of videos and they’re all so relaxing and really good for people with anxiety to.

Steph Pappas
For those of you who haven’t watched any of Stephs videos, she does mukbangs and tbh I don’t know why I like watching her videos because all she does is eat and talk about random stuff, but I find her funny ... especially the videos with her dad. I came across Stephs channel a year or so ago and I always keep up with her videos now.

Jess & Gabriel
I have been watching Jess and Gabriel since before the got engaged and I think they’re just so cute. If you haven’t seen these two, then Jess is Australian and Gabe is American and they got married and now live in LA together. I really like watching their vlogs and keeping up with their lives. If you’re into couple YouTubers then do make sure you check them out.

Sam & Colby
I actually found Sam & Colbys channel through another America YouTuber called Brennen Taylor. Sam & Colby are known for both exploring videos and haunted videos. They’ve done a number of 3am challenge videos and ghost hunting and I like their videos particularly because they’re so different to a lot of other youtubers that I watch. 

Family Fizz
I’ve been watching family fizz for quite a while now and recently they’ve become one of my go to channels to watch. For those that don’t know, they’re a family vlog channel and they do a number of different challenges and travel vlog style videos as well as just everyday vlogs. They move around the world quite often to live in different countries for a long period of time each and at the moment they’re in Dubai. I really recommend this channel to you all. 

Elle Darby
Elle Darby has been one of those youtubers that I’ve watched on and off for so long, but recently I’ve been really keeping up with her videos. She does a lot of beauty, fashion and also vlog style videos as well as challenges with her boyfriend, who also has a channel. She has nearly 250k subscribers but I love how real and easy to watch she is. She’s also shared a few videos about her weight loss, surgery and more personal topics, so if you’re into those sort of videos then I deffo recommend checking her channel out. 

Hannah Renee
Hannah is a beauty youtuber with over 400k subscribers and after a while of not watching her, I’ve become hooked on her videos again. As well as beauty videos, she also does vlogs as well as girl talk videos and I find them so interesting. I really like her travel vlogs imparticuler, although they’re not regularly uploaded, I do look forward to seeing them. 


This one sort of goes without saying and I’m sure you all know who the sidemen are. If you don’t they’re a British group of 7 guys who upload lots of challenge videos, a lot of them vlog style and I find them really entertaining and funny. They used to be called the ultimate sidemen and they have over 4 million subs on the main sidemen channel. They all have separate channels as well which are KSI, miniminter, behzinga, Zerkaa, wroetoshaw, tbjzl and Vikkstar123.

Talia Maizels
Last but not least is Talia Maizels. I came across Talia’s channel probably over a year ago now and this was through one of her drive with mes which I think are the videos that made her popular. Talia does a number of different types of videos including makeup, vlogs, drive with me’s, challenges and more. She is so relatable and also so normal, which is nice to see on YouTube now a days.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read my latest post, I hope you enjoyed. I’ll be back in a couple of days with a new post, but be sure to check out my previous posts until then.
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  1. Bit gutted that I’m not on there 😉 I need to check some of these out, I actually like watching the sidemen as well 😂💜

    1. ahh you're an all time fave not just atm ;) x


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