Wednesday, 5 June 2019

I Heart Revolution Donut Raspberry Icing Eyeshadow Palette | Review!

Hey there and welcome back to another post on my blog. I’ve been really liking doing reviews and talking in more depth about products recently so I thought I would do another one. After trying (and reviewing) the Revolution Easter Egg Palettes, I really wanted to try the Donut Palettes but I wasn’t sure on which palette to get. So after finally deciding that the Raspberry Icing was the one I wanted, I’m finally getting round to writing a review on it.
Firstly, let’s talk packaging. Revolution absolutely KILL their packaging every single time, even the more simple ones. But this one is super cute and looks so realistic ... it almost makes me want a donut when I use it. Not only is it quite small but it comes with a mirror which is always a bonus and it makes it very good for on the go use and travelling. I also like that the left side of the palette could be used for more of a summery look and the right side could be for an autumnal eye look, so again it's versatile.

As you may be able to see from the swatch photo below the shadows are very pigmented and such lovely shades. However, I did find that the pale pink and the pink highlight shades were a bit harder to swatch and to get the pigment out of because they were really powdery. Although they weren’t to pigmented, I must say that if used on the eyes either as a cut crease or with a bit of setting spray, it should bring out the pigment a bit more and make the colour more bold and show up more. Other than the two lighter shade being hard to swatch, the other shades were really pigmented and the shadows as a whole were really creamy and easy to blend ... all this for such a good price. The donut palettes all retail at £5, which is pretty much average for Revolutions palettes and it’s even a little bit cheaper than many other drugstore palettes too. 
So my overall thoughts on this palette are positive, I really like how good quality the shadows are, which is pretty much guaranteed with Revolution products anyway, and the packaging is super cute, the palette is really well priced and I don’t actually have many pink eye shadows in my collection, so I’m happy to have this one now!!

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