Saturday, 30 March 2019

I Heart Revolution Easter Egg Palette's | My Thoughts & Eye Looks!

Top: Chocolate, Left: Flamingo, Right: Candy.

Hey there, I hope you’re all having a good day! If you didn’t know Revolution recently came out with new Easter Egg and Donut Palettes and as they looked so good I thought I would pick up some of the Easter egg ones to try out. This may or may not have been an impulse buy almost purely because of the packaging, but is me we’re talking about so what’s new? Also, just before I do get into reviewing these products, I did just want to let you know that I have an IG account for my blog where I share photos of products, makeup looks and more. So if you would like to check them out, I am over at @lucibarkerblog

I picked up the Flamingo, Chocolate and Candy Palettes because these looked like the would be the ones I would most likely use and they also have a few shades in them which I knew I would be able to experiment and play with. 
As with every other Revolution product, these palettes are such good quality, the shadows are very pigmented and I love this Easter egg idea. I think the only downfall (if that’s the right way to describe it) for me is that I probably wouldn’t use the yellow highlight shade in the Choocolate palette. But I could seem myself using it as an inner corner highlight or as a shimmer lid colour for a cut crease / spotlight eye.

These palettes retail at just £5 each and they can be purchased on and Superdrug. I think £5 is such a good price for 5 shadows and 2 highlights 

Here are a few swatches from the palettes and they're done using just one swipe of the products. So as you can see, they're very pigmented and they're really smooth and easy to blend as well.

There is also one other Easter Egg palette in this collection which is called Chick and this one is more of a spring kinda palette with yellow, orange and burgundy. The highlight shades in this palette are absolutely to die for and I may need to get that one particularly just for the highlighters, but saying that one of them does look a little dark ... with a tan however, I will deffo use it.

Just below you can see a couple of the looks that I have created using the palettes so far and I really like the way they both turned out. These palettes are so versatile and you can create a number of looks, whether you're using each palette individually or all together. (Excuse the lash on the left, it was too long for my eye haha!)

Some of the looks I created using these palettes! 
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  1. Great post - these are so pigmented! I also love how the packaging is themed for the holiday :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

  2. The green and copper swatches look lovely xx

    Mari ♥


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