Saturday, 5 January 2019

Blog Post Ideas to Kick Start Your Blog in 2019.

I don't know about you, but sometimes when it comes to blogging I have lots of ideas and motivation to write and bang out blog post after blog post. However, sometimes it's the complete opposite and I have hardly any ideas or I'm not able to put a sentence together how I want, to even begin writing. So, I thought I would share some blog post ideas to kick start your blog in 2019. I hope these help you out and keep writers block at bay. Some of these ideas aren't necessarily just for the beginning of the year, there are some for all seasons and occasions.

  • Your 2019 Blog Goals
  • 2019 Bucket List
  • Holy Grail & Fail Products of 2018
  • What you've achieved or learnt in 2018
  • Monthly Favourites 
  • What you did over Christmas and New Year
  • Life Update
  • A 'get to know me' post
  • Winter Skin Care Essentials
  • Your Winter Travel Destination Picks / Bucket List
  • What you got for Christmas
  • Your Current Playlist
  • Your Everyday Winter Makeup Bag?
  • Your Cozy Night In Routine
  • 2018 in Pictures
  • Your Favourite Blog Posts of 2018
  • Your Current Wishlist - Clothes, Makeup etc.
  • Haul
  • What's in your Carry on?
  • Beach Holiday Essentials
  • Review of a newly released product or brand
  • Seasonal to-do list
  • What you're reading at the moment?
  • Your favourite Bloggers / Posts of the month
  • Payday Wishlist
  • Workout Routine - Home or Gym
  • Instagrammers you NEED to Follow
  • Valentines Gift Guide - For Him / For Her
  • Valentines Makeup Look
  • A Makeup Collection Post or Series on each products - e.g. Eye shadow Palettes etc.
  • A TAG - e.g. The Tan Lines TAG.
  • Picking out the Perfect Fragrance for a Season 
  • Your Bloggerversary - Advice, Tips, Highlights of your time Blogging, Favourite Posts ...
  • Your Opinion on a Current Situation or Topic e.g. in the News, a Youtuber/Blogger, a Celeb etc.
  • How you cope with Writers Block
  • OOTD or FOTD
  • Go-to Nail Polishes for each season
  • Your Netflix Picks
  • Collab with another Blogger 
  • Share a Recipe
  • A Bake With Me?
  • GRWM - Outfit, Hair, Makeup
  • A Pack with me for a Trip
  • Review of where you stayed on Holiday
  • Advice for Travelling to a certain place e.g. Visas, Vaccines etc.
  • Date Ideas
  • Day in the Life of a Blogger
  • Your Wardrobe Essentials
  • In Flight Skincare Necessities
  • End of the Month Empties
  • Your Picks from a Shop's Sale
  • Share some tips on Blogging, Beauty, Life, How to keep motivated etc.
  • Post about your Tattoo's or Piercings - Have or Want
I know there are lots, lots more that you could do but these are just a few to help you get back into the blogging mojo after Christmas and New Year.

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Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡


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