Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Hey there! So today I'm back with another TAG post, which I haven't actually done for a while and we all know how much I love doing them, so I hope you enjoy this one. I was kindly nominated to do the Autumn TAG by the lovely Alix from, so make sure you check out her blog!

1) What is one candle you MUST light every Autumn?

The Gingerbread Yankee Candle has been a go-to for me for a couple of years now and it never fails to give me them cozy feels. I know Gingerbread is considered to be more of a Winter / Christmas but I love using it as soon as September rolls around.

2) When you think of Autumn, what does it remind you of?

Autumn reminds me of vampy colours, knee high boots and chunky knitwear ... in other words all my favourite things.

3) What is your all-time favourite Autumn/Halloween movie?

I can't really think of my favourite off the top of my head, but I'd usually watch a horror probably A Nightmare on Elm Street or something like that.

4) What Halloween costume do you have in mind?

I'm not actually dressing up this year so I don't have one in mind.

5) What is your favourite Autumn trend?

A Jumper Dress and Knee High Boots 100%.

6) When you think of Autumn, what drink comes to mind?

Obviously everyone always raves about the Pumpkin Spiced Latte so I  guess that one, but Costa have a new one out this year which I really want to try.

7) What is your go-to fall beauty product?

A berry tone eye-shadow palette or a vampy lip colour.

8) Do you prefer apple or pumpkin pie?

To be honest I'm not really a fan of either of them.

9) Do you have any Autumn traditions?

I sound so boring but honestly no, although I like going to a fright night or pumpkin carving.

10) Is Autumn your favourite season?

No! I think when I'm in England my favourite season is Winter but if I'm abroad Summer is my favourite if that makes any sense haha!

The Bloggers I Nominate Are:
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  1. Yesss love this! Omg I love the jumper dress and knee high boots trend, I need to get some new jumper dresses😍🧡

  2. Omg girl I love this!! Thank you for nominating me!! xx


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