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August Favourites!

Hey there and welcome to my monthly favourites post for the month of August. Throughout this month I have tried out lots of new products, dug out oldie but goldie products from my makeup draws and I also have some other non makeup / beauty related favourites, so lets jump right into it and I hope you enjoy.

So my first favourite from this month is the L’Oreal Infallible Nudist Matte Lip Paints, which I actually wrote a review on and if you haven’t seen that you can click here. I have been really liking the shades Off White and Nude on Fleek and I cannot stop reaching for them. I’ve been mixing both of the shades together and it creates the perfect nude for me. They’re super creamy and comfortable to wear, they stay on for the best part of the day ... however they do come off slightly when eating or drinking, but that’s understandable. I won’t go into too much detail about these but if you would like to read more about them then do read my review!!

I don’t think I’ve really tried many of Maybelline’s foundations, or much of their makeup for that matter, so when I ran out of my Revlon ColourStay, I decided to pick up the Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation in the shade Ivory. I must admit the shade match isn’t the best as it has an orangey tone to it and it does oxides slightly, but I’ve been mixing it with a white foundation mixer and it matches much better. I’d say the coverage is medium to full, but when using a beauty blender it doesn’t look as high of a coverage and doesn’t look cakey. It blends really easily but I would say that it does get a little bit oily throughout the day, so maybe bare that in mind if you have oily skin as it may not be for you. To be fair I think it still looks good at the end of the day, it just looks like more of a natural finish where it gets oily, rather than being super matter like I usually have it. As you can see I’m very pleased with this one so far.

Next up, is the L’Oreal Infallible Unlimited Mascara which I hadn’t actually heard much about so I wanted to try it out myself. This retails at £10.99 which I did think was a little bit pricey because it’s quite a small tube, but it is wide. However, I did pick it up on a 3 for 2 so it wasn’t too bad. This mascara has a wand which can bend at an angle which helps to reach even the shortest, straightest of lashes. I’ve also had soo many compliments on my lashes and how long they look when I’ve used this mascara and I must admit that they do give that false lash look.

I decided to pick up some more of the Morphe Brushes in the Beauty Bay sale so that I could stock up a bit before they stopped selling them. If you know me, you know how much I love using Morphe Brushes because they’re really good quality, super soft and really well priced. I picked up the E4 which I have been using for contouring / bronzing and I love how it’s been working with Hoola Lite and I’ve also been really liking the BhCosmetics Blush Brush (I believe this is the name of it) which I’ve been using for blush and highlight.

The Coconut Affair Coffee Body Scrub is my next favourite of this month and before buying it I hadn’t actually heard of this brand, but I came across it on Beauty Bay and it just seemed like my type of product so I thought why not try it. I use body scrubs quite often, but I find that coffee scrubs work that little bit better and they smell that little bit nicer. This one also has a coconut scent as it has coconut oil in it so not only does it smell that little bit more incredible but it also keeps your skin hydrated too ... silky smooth legs here we come.

My last favourite for August is the Missguided Babe Power Perfume and the scent it so ME. It’s a very fresh, fruity scent but also has Vanilla in it to which I’m sure you all know that I really like. I thought it was a little pricey at £28 for 80ml, but I do really like it so I would say it’s worth it. The scent does last all day which I was actually shocked about because usually perfumes wear off in the first hour or so. I also received a free sample of the Babe Dreams Perfume which I believe is a new one and I know it will be my new fave, so I’m sure you’ll hear me talking a lot about this one on the blog too.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going to be taking a break from blogging over the next week or so as I’m going on holiday, so I won’t be uploading another post until Wednesday 12th September and I also want to apologies for not uploading on Wednesday as I have been really busy but I’ll be back to my normal upload schedule soon. See you then!!

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Until Next Time,
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