Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Go-To Nude Lips For The Spring / Summer!

Nude Lipsticks are always my go-to and something that I always reach for, for both everyday looks and more glam looks. The darker, more brown-y nudes don't give me that S/S vibe so I thought I would share my go-to nude lips for the Spring and Summer and why they're my favourites for this time of  year! Enjoyy!!

My first favourite nude for S/S is the NYX Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, which is still quite new to my collection. It's a warm toned, pinky nude that I absolutely love for this time of year and as I personally don't think I suit pink lipsticks, pinky nudes become my go-to's to switch it up a bit. Although I usually find liquid lipstick pretty drying, this is probably the only matte one that I don't, but I add a little bit of Vaseline underneath which makes it creamy like a normal lipstick and lasts well on the lips throughout the day / night.

Next up is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens, which is a pale, orange-y nude and this one just screams Summer. This one is perfect as it's soo hydrating and creamy, but it's also really light weight that it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on the lips ... also it lasts all day or night even through eating and drinking so for just £6 what's not to love? I couldn't recommend this enough for this time of the year (!!!)

Talking of pink-y nudes, MAC Mehr is another one of my go-to's for the Spring and Summer months. Although MAC Lipsticks are a little pricey (and they keep getting more expensive) I do really love them and I think they will always be my ride or die. Mehr is the perfect nude for my skin tone and has that pinky tone to it that just gives me them summer feels. I like to use this when I'm not feeling a full on orange or coral, bright lip colour or if I have a bold, bright eye and want a lil' summin' summin' on my lips thats not too much.

Another one of my MAC favourites for this time of year is Kinda Sexy, which is also a pinky nude, but I'd say it's quite pale. This looks soo good with a tan and I love that you can use different lip liners to enhance the colour of the lipstick. I love using dark brown lip liners on the outer part of my lips and then using this lip colour in the centre to create an ombre lip or also using a pinky lip liner gives this lipstick even more of a summer vibe. If I recommend any MAC Lipstick to you it would deffo be this one, along with Velvet Teddy obvs (!!!)

My last favourite nude for S/S is Flutter Kiss from NYX is very new to my collection and as soon as I swatched it, I just knew that I would love it this summer. It's a fairly pale nude, which is super creamy and almost glossy and this will keep my lips hydrated as sometime matte lips don't feel comfortable when it's hot, especially if my lips burn like thy usually do! I picked this up from Amazon for just £3.99 which is such good value and you do get a decent amount of product for that ... I really recommend this nude lip!!


So there we go, my go-to nude lips for the spring / summer. Let me know some of you favourite nudes that give you them S/S vibes!!

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  1. Ruffle Trim looks gorgeous! As a big fan of the NYX Lip lingeries, I will have to add it to my collection at some point!

    Claire xxx

    1. It does, doesn’t it!! This is why I do posts like this, glad you found something you like☺️ x


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