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My Current Beauty Favourites | May - COLLAB!

Welcome to today's post, which is in collaboration with Mercydes from, where we will both be sharing our Current Beauty Favourites for the month of May. I hope you enjoy and you can read Mercydes's post here!

My first favourite for the month of May is this Rose Gold Pressed Glitter, which I actually did a blog post on a while back when I first started blogging. If you would like to read my review, even though the post isn't very good haha, you can click here! I picked this up from a seller who makes these herself for just £3 and this is such a good price for a pressed glitter with such good pay off. Obviously you have to be careful when applying this as it can drop down and stick to your face for like the next month (probably like a few days but seems to be there forever) but if you use some shadow shields it’ll catch any of the fall out.

Next up is the Benefit BADgal Lash, which I used to use all the time and recently started to use it again when it came in a mini benefit set and I’m just as obsessed as before. It creates long, thick lashes with a slight curl and a lot of volume which is right up my street. This is perfect for someone who wants to get the most volume and curl out of their natural lashes. I know a lot of people can be put off by the price tag, of any mascara not just this one, but I really think it's worth it and if you can afford to spend that little bit more I know you'll love it. Also for just £10 you can pick up a mini size (like the one pictured above) so you can try it out first!! You can buy this here!

The Kiss Lashes in the style Ritzy, are still my all time favourite as they're just so fluffy, they're very full and have a curl to them. They are the perfect medium between voluminous, thick and dramatic lashes and natural, fluffy lashes ... I am living for them. As I have quite heavy eyelids I can't wear too thick, long lashes, but these are just perfect for me and give the exact look that I want when it comes to lashes and they finish a look off nicely. You can pick these up here
Can I also just add that these lashes also come with a little case within the packaging which you can keep the lashes in after every use!!

My next favourite for this month is the Fabulips Lip Scrub which is now my new best friend haha. As I get really dry lips, especially in the Summer, and they can burn pretty easily, I have to use lip scrub a lot before applying a lip product ... even if it's just a lip balm. However, I do find the Lush ones are a little to harsh on my lips when they're already quite sore, but as this one has like a Vaseline consistency, with the scrub particles in it, it's a whole lot more hydrating. Although this is a little bit more pricey that the Lush ones, it's less abrasive on the lips, but hydrates them as well and I know it'll work wonders for you!!! You can take a look at this here!! 

I'm sure you've all seen me talk about the NYX HD Banana Powder on my blog and over on my YouTube Channel as it's quite new to my collection but I have been really liking it. I find a lot of banana powders to be too yellow for my skin, but this one (as you may be able to see from the picture) is a slightly paler yellow and it works just fine for me. Although I have quite dry under eyes, I haven't found that this sticks to those patches at all and it doesn't sink into the lines around my eyes either ... it just sets them, smoothes them over and also brightens them as well! Buy here!

After having the Collection Instant Brow Pomade for a while now, I finally decided to get round to trying it out. As I've been hooked on the MAC Gelcreme (here) for nearly a year now, I thought I should try something different ... although I'm staying within my comfort zone as the products are pretty similar haha! The first thing that I wasn't too sure on was the colour of the pomade as it's quite warm toned and seems to have a shimmer to it, but once it's actually applied to the brows it does come out like a true brunette colour, which is perfect for my brows as I like them to be a little darker than my hair. If you're wondering I did pick up shade 3. The pomade is quite pigmented, however it can be used with a light hand for a natural look or you can build it up for a more bold look!! Pick this up here.

My last favourite for this month is Dove Summer Glow Moisturising Lotion. I don't really use fake tan as I tan pretty easily in the sun, but I seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle of covering my legs in the Winter months to save the agg of shaving them too often and then when the warmer weather comes my legs are too pale to wear shorts. So this little savior is perfect for giving me that summer glow the first few times that my legs make their appearance, so that they don't look too ghostly oops. here.


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Friday, 18 May 2018

Zaful Haul & Review | AD!

Hey there and welcome to today's post where I will be doing something a little different to normal  ... a clothing haul and review. A couple of months ago I uploaded my Zaful wishlist post after I'd been wanting to make an order for a while. Prior to writing that post, Zaful contacted me to see if I wanted to work with them on this post and although this post is sponsored all my opinions and thoughts of the whole order process are genuine!! Zaful sent me a few items that we're on my wishlist including a Top, a Playsuit and a Choker. 

Let's start at the beginning of the order process where I placed the order and this was on the 31/03/18 and my order was then shipped in two different packages one on the 03/04/18 and one on the 04/04/18 (just for reference to how long shipping took). Both packages arrived on 17/04/18, so 13-14 days for international shipping in my opinion is actually pretty good and they arrived a lot quicker than I expected them to.

*excuse the makeup less face!!!*

Fit & Thoughts:

I picked out the Playsuit in a size Medium, as I thought the sizes would be quite small as they're Asian sizes, and it actually fits really comfortably. I really love the style and pattern of the play suit, but the only issue for me is that it has a rubber lining (I think thats the word for it) around the under arms, obviously to hold it up, but it seems to dig in and not feel to comfortable there. I've noticed that this playsuit does make you look flat chested as it pushes them in a bit. This also has two pockets which makes it handy when you need to carry something round but don't want to take a handbag with you!! The quality of the playsuit is really nice, it's super soft and light ... which is perfect for the Summer. Although it's lightweight, it isn't so thin that it's see through. I think this will be really nice to throw on round the pool or to the beach when I go on holiday, but I don't think I could wear it for too long as it'll rub. This playsuit retails at $31.35 (£23.22), but is currently on sale for just $16.86 (£12.49) which I think is pretty standard for a playsuit, but with all the deals and coupon codes they have you can really grab yourself a bargain. You can pick this up here!

The next item I picked was an off the shoulder, striped crop top, which I absolutely loved on the website and I love the style of it. I also picked this top up in the size Medium but this one is slightly tight, so I'm not able to wear it which is annoying. I would recommend going up a size in the tops, if you're making an order on Zaful, however other than that I really do like the top. I love the colours and pattern of it ... I can see that this would look really nice with some white jeans or skirt. This top is on the website for $18.26 (£13.53) but is currently on sale for $12.99 (£9.62), which again is pretty average when buying a top, especially one like this, but considering the quality is pretty good I think it's really well priced and deffo worth it, I would just size up next time. If you would like to take a look at this top, the link is here!

Last but not least I decided to pick out a Choker as I don't have one in my collection. When I was about 14 I used to wear one like all the time, but since then I haven't been able to find one I actually like, until now. I picked up a black velvet one with gold accents (I think thats the correct word to use haha!) with a triangle, marble pendant which I am obsessed with. Now if you want a proper bargain this Choker will be right up your street as it's on the website for just $2.35 which is just £1.74. I think the price definitely  is reflected in the quality of the choker, meaning that the pendant could potentially fall off as you can see in the picture above, but tbh for the price you can't really argue with it and I'm sure it'll last a fair while!! You can shop the choker here!

Overall Opinion:

Overall I am quite impressed with Zaful, if you take into account the cost, the fit and quality of the clothes, the delivery time etc it's deffo well worth it. Although the clothes (the ones I tried anyway) aren't the best quality, considering the price you're paying and the deals they usually have on, you can't really complain. So, if  you're looking for some cheap clothes that you can take on holiday/travelling or that don't matter if they get ruined or something, then I would 100% recommend. I have to say that the pictures on the website match up too what you do actually receive, so there's not a worry that you'll receive something completely different to what you're expecting.

So ... there are my thoughts on Zaful and a haul of the items that I picked out. I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!!
Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Go-To Nude Lips For The Spring / Summer!

Nude Lipsticks are always my go-to and something that I always reach for, for both everyday looks and more glam looks. The darker, more brown-y nudes don't give me that S/S vibe so I thought I would share my go-to nude lips for the Spring and Summer and why they're my favourites for this time of  year! Enjoyy!!

My first favourite nude for S/S is the NYX Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, which is still quite new to my collection. It's a warm toned, pinky nude that I absolutely love for this time of year and as I personally don't think I suit pink lipsticks, pinky nudes become my go-to's to switch it up a bit. Although I usually find liquid lipstick pretty drying, this is probably the only matte one that I don't, but I add a little bit of Vaseline underneath which makes it creamy like a normal lipstick and lasts well on the lips throughout the day / night.

Next up is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens, which is a pale, orange-y nude and this one just screams Summer. This one is perfect as it's soo hydrating and creamy, but it's also really light weight that it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on the lips ... also it lasts all day or night even through eating and drinking so for just £6 what's not to love? I couldn't recommend this enough for this time of the year (!!!)

Talking of pink-y nudes, MAC Mehr is another one of my go-to's for the Spring and Summer months. Although MAC Lipsticks are a little pricey (and they keep getting more expensive) I do really love them and I think they will always be my ride or die. Mehr is the perfect nude for my skin tone and has that pinky tone to it that just gives me them summer feels. I like to use this when I'm not feeling a full on orange or coral, bright lip colour or if I have a bold, bright eye and want a lil' summin' summin' on my lips thats not too much.

Another one of my MAC favourites for this time of year is Kinda Sexy, which is also a pinky nude, but I'd say it's quite pale. This looks soo good with a tan and I love that you can use different lip liners to enhance the colour of the lipstick. I love using dark brown lip liners on the outer part of my lips and then using this lip colour in the centre to create an ombre lip or also using a pinky lip liner gives this lipstick even more of a summer vibe. If I recommend any MAC Lipstick to you it would deffo be this one, along with Velvet Teddy obvs (!!!)

My last favourite nude for S/S is Flutter Kiss from NYX is very new to my collection and as soon as I swatched it, I just knew that I would love it this summer. It's a fairly pale nude, which is super creamy and almost glossy and this will keep my lips hydrated as sometime matte lips don't feel comfortable when it's hot, especially if my lips burn like thy usually do! I picked this up from Amazon for just £3.99 which is such good value and you do get a decent amount of product for that ... I really recommend this nude lip!!


So there we go, my go-to nude lips for the spring / summer. Let me know some of you favourite nudes that give you them S/S vibes!!

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Liquid Starlight | Review.

Hey everyone and welcome to today’s post where I will be reviewing the Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Starlight. I have been wanting to try these out for so long as they’re supposed to be good dupes for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops & the Iconic Liquid Illuminators, which I’ve also been wanting to try but couldn’t justify paying that much for them. The revolution ones have always just seemed so right as they’re really well priced at £6 and they look like liquid gold😍. Revolution has been my favourite drugstore brand for soo long now, so I’m excited to see how this product works.

This highlighter can be used either all over the face almost like a primer, on the high points of your face or you can mix it with your foundation to give it a little bit of a glow. On first impressions I could see that this is super pigmented and opaque, however it is really easy to blend out and even if you use the tiniest amount it can still have a big impact and add the glow to the skin. I dotted the highlight in to my Cupid’s bow, cheek bones and the tip of my nose and then blended it out with my Makeup Sponge as I felt this was the best way for it to sink seamlessly into the skin. I used this as a base for the powder highlight I used, which was the Revolution one in Peach Lights and that helped the highlight to POP.

The shade Liquid Starlight has a pinky iridescent tone to it, which is perfect for us pale gals and guys and it also is a very close match to the Revolution Peach Lights Powder Highlight so these work really well together. As you can see from the swatch above it is very pigmented ... obviously I did use a lot of product for the swatch but you don't need to use hardly any to get a full on glow ... which also means that the bottle will last a while. The only other liquid highlights that I have tried are the Benefit High Beam & Shy Beam and I think the Revolution ones are a cut about the rest as I found the benefit ones would stick to the place you applied it and wouldn't blend very easily in my opinion. I would probably use this highlighter for more of a glam look, not everyday, however this may be right up someones street for an everyday glow!! I can’t wait to use this on days when I go for a no foundation look or on my body throughout the summer and on holiday and the glow will be evverythinggg (!!!)

I absolutely lovveee the packaging of these highlighters as they match the colours of the highlight, they're quite minimal but so aesthetically pleasing haha! They come in 7 different shades, from gold to rose gold to pink to silver etc. so you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that suits your skin tone or one you'll love. You can take a look at or pick up one of these highlighters here!

My overall opinion on the Revolution liquid highlighters are that they’re really well priced, they’re very versatile, very pigmented and I really recommend them, especially if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Cover FX and the Iconic ones.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

My Makeup Collection Part 5 | Palettes!

For today's post I will be sharing Part 5 of My Makeup Collection Series and today it's all about the Palettes. If you haven't seen my other Makeup Collection posts you can check them out here. It's going to be a looong  one, so grab a cuppa and a snack and enjoyy!!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures in this post, I'm not quite sure why they aren't as good quality as normal!! 

The first palette in my Collection is the Revolution Soph x Eye shadow Palette. which is the newest to my collection and I am yet to use it. I am planning on doing a makeup look with this palette either on my YouTube Channel or on my Blog so make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you want to see that. The colours in this palette are to die for and they give me the option to get out of my comfort zone and really experiment with eye looks, which I love doing (!!!).

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this one time and time again on my blog, but this is hands down the GOAT palette in my collection. These shadows in the W7 Delicious palette are so smooth and easy to blend and the pigmentation is as opaque as you can get. At just £9.95 each you get 14 very creamy and pigmented eye shadows AND the palette comes with a mirror which is perfect for travelling. Another thing I love about this palette is that it can create soo many different looks for all the seasons and occasions you could want. Whether it’s a berry eye for the autumn you’re after or an orange eye perfect for the summer, an everyday nude crease colour or some good o’ dark shades to create a brown smokey eye .... it’s got it all (!!!). It also has a white shade and a couple of shimmery shadows ... it’s just everything!! I cannot rave enough about this and if you want to see a full review and swatches of this, then please click here.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette has been raved about within the beauty industry for such a long time now and has been the main reason why it’s been on my wish list as I’ve heard so many incredible things about it. This palette is quite pricey at £39 but I was lucky enough to be gifted this for Christmas which was the perfect time for me to get to try it out and see whether it lives up to it’s reputation. The words on everyone’s lips about this palette are usually about the scent of it. Obviously it smells of chocolate and it smells divine and the colour pay off is everything you’d hope for in such a pricey palette. I love the different colours in this palette as it’s so versatile and I really like using the khaki colour in particular as it’s just soo different to any shades in my other palettes. This palette also has a mixture of lattes and shimmers. As much as I do really like the palette, I do think if I can find a good shoe for it, I would probably choose to purchase that over repurchasing this one, but that’s just because I cannot justify the price.

The Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Sweets' Glow Kit was another item from my wishlist that was on there for soo long due to the hype in the Beauty world. I eventually caved and bought this a few months ago whilst they had a 50% deal on so I believe I got it for like £20.50 instead of £41. I was always put off by the price as I already have the Balm Manizer Sisters Highlighting Palette which has similar shades to the ABH one. They're super pigmented and work really well, but it's half the prices so I just couldn't justify it. However, now I have this in my collection, I do find myself reaching for it quite a bit, but particularly when I'm looking for a more intense glow with a more glam looks. If you've been reading my blog for a while,  you'll know that I absolutely LOVE shimmery blushes (particularly in the Spring and Summer) and thats why I was the main reason why I was more drawn to this Glow Kit, but also because some of the other ones are quite bronze-y or more coloured ones, like blues and purple, which I wasn't really feeling. The Highlighters are so pigmented, really creamy and they blend really nicely on the skin so you don't get the powdery look ... I couldn't recommend the ABH Glow Kits enough. I also really recommend the Balm Manizer Sisters Palette as they're on par with the ABH ones with their performance and quality, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative I would deffo give these a go!!

The Benefit Cheekathon Palette has been part of my collection for over a year now and I'm still just as in love with it as I was when I first got it. As this was limited edition and I don't think you can get anymore (but don't quote me on that) I find myself not reaching for it as much because I don't want to hit pan on any of them. I know you can get each blush/bronzer individually, but this palette was £49.50 for 5 full sized pans and individually they're about £20 something, which I just cannot justify paying to replace all of them!! However, if you can afford to splurge on this, I guarantee you will love it!!

Next up is the Revolution Disappear to the Beyond Eye shadow Palette. This palette has a mixture of mattes, shimmers and one foiled eye shadow, which can I say is to DIE for (!!!) and has a mixture of neutrals and brighter shades which makes it so versatile. The packaging is thin and it's quite a small palette, you get 12 shadows and as it's versatile it makes it soo perfect for travelling. The only downside for me is that it doesn't have a mirror but I do think the pro's out way the con and it's not too much of an issue.

Next up is the Morphe 35K which was the first high end palette that I bought and has been my go-to for around a year and a half now. The colours are just perfect for a trusty smokey eye and works for Day and night looks. The colour pay off is incredible and for £23 you get 35 decent sized pan, creamy and pigmented eye shadows. If you’re looking for a good quality eye-shadow palette that’s versatile but also isn’t too expensive, I really recommend this one. 

Another W7 Palette that I have in my collection is the In The Buff palette, which is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The UD Naked palettes have been on my wish list for as long as I can remember but I could never justify paying so much for a palette which has such similar colours as so many of my other ones. As the W7 palettes are usually such incredible dupes, I decided to pick this one up and it was only £3-£4 on Amazon back when I bought it (its £5.95 on The Beauty Store) so I thought ‘why not try it out?’ I do really like this palette and it’s perfect for a good ol’ smokey eye and if you’re looking for a bargain palette to add to your collection then this one would be it!!

You can probably tell by this post that Makeup Revolution Palettes are my go-to when picking up a new palette as they're such good quality and are really well priced. I have the Powder Contour, the Cream Blushes and the Golden Sugar Blush Palette. Although I hardly use the cream blush one, the other two are definitely palettes that I want to reach more, especially the highlighters in both palettes are they're super pigmented and creamy which just gives the skin such a nice glow!!!

Lastly, I have the Sleek cream contour Palette, which I don't reach for too often, but when I'm doing full glam this baby comes out. I don't usually use the lighter shades but the contour shades work really well and blend so easily and seamlessly. If you're looking for an ABH cream contour dupe, this one will be right up your street. I also really like that this palette has a fairly big mirror, has thin packaging and fairly big pans of product.

So there we are my palettes in my Makeup Collection. I hope you enjoyed taking another peek into my makeup collection.

Until Next Time,
Luci ♡♡

Friday, 4 May 2018


There's nothing I love more than having glowy skin and a blinding highlight all year round, but particularly in the warmer months. I know a lot of highlights, particularly the more long wearing and opaque highlights can be quite pricey, so I thought I would share my favourite drugstore products thatI use to get glowy skin for the Spring and how you can too!

I will be sharing a glowy skin look without any foundation, but obviously you can use foundation / concealer if you want more coverage.

Firstly, primer! Start with a base thats going to brighten your skin ... you don't necessarily need to use a shimmery primers, but either a lavender or peach one will do the job. This Revolution PRO Radiant Peach Primer will help to illuminate the skin and also give it a sun kissed glow. 

The Revolution Liquid Highlighter has been on my wishlist for soo long now and it's the perfect dupe for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops and the Iconic Illuminators and the Revolution ones are like  1/4 of the price at just £8. I finally decided to pick this up a couple of weeks ago and I'm soo ready to use this throughout the Spring and Summer months. I picked up the shade Liquid Starlight as it's light, but pink-y colour which is perfect for my skin tone.

I will be writing a full review for this Highlighter soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you would like to see my full thoughts on this!! 

If you're looking for a more bronze-y glow, whether you have a tan or you have a darker skin tone, this No7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter would be perfect! As I'm quite pale, I usually only use this when I'm on holiday and it works really well, not only on the face but on the body too. 

I've never really been a big fan of blush, other than glowy blushes, but recently I've started using them a whole lot more and this Milani Baked Blush in the shade Luminoso is one of my all time favourites. These baked blushes really remind me of the MAC Mineralize Blushes and for just over half the price you can get this one which is just the same, if not better! Although it looks pink-y in the photo, it comes out quite peachy and it looks perfect with a tan. The colour pay off from this is really good, but it's super easy to blend so you can have a slight glow or a more intense looks, depending on your preference. 

Using a powder highlight over top of a liquid highlight gives it something to stick too and also it further intensifies it, which I really love. I chose the Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, which has a pale pink-y glow, just like the Liquid Highlighter and these will both compliment each other

As you can see from this post, I'm all over Revolution products and I couldn't recommend them enough as they have the performance of high-end products (probably even better than most high end brands) and the price tag of high street products ... what's not to love?

If you're looking to bronze up your look and have the sun kissed look, a cream bronzer can do the job as it'll keep the natural glowy look that we're aiming for, but you can also contour with this, as well as achieving the look you want by using a little or a lot. This is the W7 Make Up and Glow Bronzing Base , which is only £7.95. If you would like to see my full review of this you can click here!

So there you have it, these are the products that I use to get seriously glowy skin, I hope you enjoyed!!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

My HUGE Spring / Summer Wardrobe Wishlist - COLLAB!

For today's post I will be sharing all the items that are on my Spring / Summer Wardrobe Wishlist. This post is in Collaboration with Alix from and she will be doing a Spring/Summer Beauty Wishlist, which will be going up on her blog tomorrow!!

Alix's Post : (click here)!!
*click the images for direct links to item*

Navy Polka Dot Print Frill Tea DressPink Metallic Textured Pinafore DressBlack Paisley Shirred Waist ShortsBlue Rose Gold Highwaisted Sequin Panel ShortsBlue Large Pearl Embellished Denim Mini SkirtYellow Gingham Frill SkirtRed Tie Front Halterneck Palm Print SwimsuitNavy Stripe Bardot Padded SwimsuitBlack Block Clear SandalsRose Gold Barely There Block HeelsBlack Lamour Slogan Foil Print Fitted T ShirtGreen Shirred Stripe Bandeau Crop TopPetite White Crochet Trim BraletCamel Stripe Bat Wing Frill Hem PlaysuitRed Striped Frill PlaysuitWhite Studded Strappy Flat SandalsGold Pyramid Studded WedgeMissguided Contrast Distressed DungareesASOS DESIGN denim pelmet skirt in rustASOS DESIGN Skort In Polka Dot Print with Bunny TieASOS DESIGN denim mom short in washed blackCarvela Tote BagASOS DESIGN off shoulder stripe top with lettuce hemASOS Contrast Mono Stripe SwimsuitASOS Mix and Match Stripe Print High Waist High Leg Bikini Bottom with Hook and EyePull&Bear tie front kimono shirt in stripePull&Bear lace up front heel in tan

So there you have it my Spring/Summer Wardrobe Wishlist, which is pretty big but everything is just SO me (!!!) If any of these items are now on your wishlist, let me know what you liked in the comments below❤

Until Next Time,
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