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As you may know I love doing TAG posts on my blog, so I thought that I would do the This Time Next Year TAG for today's post. I hope you enjoy! I haven't actually been tagged to do this, but I haven't seen bloggers do this TAG for a while so I thought I would just do it anyway!

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who tagged you.

Write your goals for next year.

Write how you’re going to achieve your goals. (If you can)

Tag at least 5 bloggers to share their goals.

Then if you wish in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not!

My Goals!

This Time Next Year:  I will have bought myself my first car!

I have had my Drivers Licence for over a year now, but still haven't been able to buy my first car, so I hope to be able to do so within the next year.

This Time Next Year: I will finish my MUA College Course with a Distinction!

I have been doing quite well in my college course and am well on my way to getting a distinction, so fingers crossed.

This Time Next Year: I will have a full-time job that I like.

I haven't been able to get a full-time job yet as I'm still at college, but I really want to find a job that has some what to do with what I eventually want to end up doing, which is within Beauty and maybe an MUA.

My second and third goals go together really and I can't really achieve one without the other. I hope to be able to do these by doing well in my college course, to then have the grades to go on to do what I want to do.

This Time Next Year: I will have at least one tattoo!

I have always wanted a tattoo either on my ankle or on my thigh but I haven't been able to find a design that I'm dead set on, so I hope I can decide soon.

This Time Next Year: I will have ticked a few more things off of my Bucket List!

Almost a year ago I uploaded my Bucket List post onto my blog and have been able to tick a couple of things off, but I really want to start ticking off a whole lot more.

My Bucket List (click here)

I'm looking into being able to tick some of my goals of my Bucket List at the moment and I'm confident that I should be able to tick some things off.

This Time Next Year: I will be ready to move out!

I really want to move out, or at least be in the position to start moving out, this time next year and I'm looking to move closer to London. Not necessarily in London but deffo surrounding areas so that I can get into Central quicker.

I will do this by saving hard as soon as I've managed to get myself a full-time job.

I Nominate!

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