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My First Bloggerversary | One Year of Blogging!

Exactly 1 year ago tomorrow, (25/01/2017) I uploaded my first ever blog post which was 'My Current Skincare Favourites' which I look back at now and wonder how anyone actually wanted to read it. It just looks so boring and dull ... it doesn't even have any pictures on it. At the same time that one post geared me up to have a really productive year, one that I can look back on and be proud of, as my blog has now been viewed almost 33,500 times, which is crazy to me!

You can read my first post >> here <<

I never really saw myself becoming a Blogger as I'm quite a private person and now I'm sharing my thoughts to the world, to anyone who wants to hear them. When I put my first post out, I only ever expected for a few of my close friends and some of my followers on Social Media to check it out, but over time more and more people from all over the world were popping up in my stats. To the point where my blog has now been viewed in over 100 Countries, some I've never even heard of! 

As I was such a private person, I never thought I would get personal on here either but I did end up talking about my anxiety, bullying etc. Which I actually had a good response on from some of my readers, which is really nice to hear anyway but especially when I was so unsure about putting certain posts out. 

Some of my personal / deep posts:

My Journey to becoming a happier person : >> click here <<
When do we really start living for ourselves? : >> click here <<

In January 2017, I felt as if I was in limbo just waiting ... waiting to leave college, waiting to turn 18 and not really doing anything for myself to make me happy. As it was a new year, I had slightly more courage than usual just to do something crazy and change my life and completely flip the script. It was coming up to the end of January when I started to read through a number of different blogs including Zoella, Poppy Deyes, Sarah Ashcroft aka That Pommie Girl, to which I thought I'd enjoy and should give a go. Within the hour I had set up a blog and was starting to write my first post ... as you can see it was a bit spontaneous, but easily the best decision I've ever made! 

In October my blog did really well as it had over 6,100 views in that month ... I know it's not all about the numbers, but for me that was huge and beyond anything I could've expected.  I uploaded 'My Top 5 Fall Lipsticks' at the end of September and now it is my most popular post with over 2500 views on it ... again this may not seem like much but I was shocked. I went to bed one night with just over 100 views on the post and woke up less than 8 hours later to 2500 ... I still don't know what happend, I'm sure someone shared it and if they did I'd be so greatful!!

My Top 5 Fall Lips >> click here <<

 I never set really set goals at the beginning because I never expected anything to come from it or people to read but somehow people seem to like my posts and actually come back time and time again for my new uploads. 

This year I have met and grown close to a number of different bloggers, which I now call my friends and I'm so proud to be a part of such an amazing community of people. I am always up for collab-ing, connecting and meeting new bloggers to share ideas etc, so if you would like to connect then please DM or email me!!

So here we are a year later , I just want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a chance and reading the content I work so hard to put out. It genuinely means so much to me and whether you have joined me just today or when I first started, you are everything to me and I know I would never be as happy as I am, without my blog!

Thankyou so much for reading this post. Within the last month I have also bought my own domain and a new Pipdig template (new year, new blog an all that haha) - so here's to the next year, I am ~so~ exited to see what the next year has in store for my blog!

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  1. I know we haven’t known eachother that long but I hope you consider me as one of your blogger friends because you certainly are to me! I am very proud of you! Congrats on 1 year of blogging babe 💜

    1. Yes, of course you are!! And thankyou so much babe!!💛💛


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