Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Instagram Accounts You NEED To Follow!

Over the past few months I've seen quite a few posts sharing their favourite youtubers / bloggers / instagramers etc and I found quite a few new people to follow. So I thought I would share with you some of the Instagrammers that I have been following for a while and why I like their feeds so much!!

Let's start with one of the posts that has helped me with working out and keeping me motivate, Soniatlevfitness. Sonia is a French fitness instagrammer who posts lot's of workout videos, suitable for everyone including beginners. If you're looking for some moivation or short and easy to follow workouts, then i recommend giving her a follow!! Her posts have really helped me, although, when I'm sitting on the sofa in the evening and one of her posts comes up on my feed, I feel a little lazy haha!!


I'm sure you all know of Sarah, but if you don't, she's a fashion blogger and youtuber, and is also known as That Pommie Girl. Her Instagram is one of my favourites because she travels a lot, so it's nice to see where shes going, she's a fashion blogger as well, so I like to see her outfits and where they're from etc. 


Next up is Rendall Coleby, who I have followed for quite a while now. I came across her on the discover page on IG, when she was known as the girl with the perfect brows. Rendall is always posting inspirational quotes and things that really make you think, and it's nice to see someone think the way she does for so long, even when she was so young. It's nice to scroll through your feed, when social media can be so negative, and see someone so positive, especially when she has quite a big following so she can create a good impact on so many people.


Everyone seems to talk about Tammy Hembrow and I'm sure you're one of the 7.6m people that follow her. She's an Australian Youtuber and fitness guru. I follow her, one because I enjoy wathcing her youtube videos and two, because she gives me motivation to workout as, even after having two kids, she's got abs and is BODY GOALS!!


My last fave is Imogen aka Imogenation, who is a youtuber (one of my favs actually) and I have been watching her videos for so long now. I really like Imogens feed as she post's OOTD's, travel posts, incredible makeup looks etc. Imogen's also a very bubbly, positive, kind soul, whose so real and lovely and I know for sure her IG Stories or Youtube Videos will make you laugh or happy in anyway!!

Imogen's Channel: >> here <<

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe checked out some of these girls pages. 

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