Thursday, 7 December 2017

Blogmas Day 7: My Favourite Candles for Christmas Time!

As you may know, Candles are my favourite things to buy, and no cosy evening in is complete without one ... Christmas Candles though, well, they're even better!

For me, Christmas Candles have to have a warm, musky, spiced scent ... something that just gives out the buzz of Christmas. My two all time favourites are:

Village Candle - Gingerbread House 
Yankee Candle - Cosy by the fire

Gingerbread House, is a Christmas Tree fail-safe and it's a very affordable Candle, if you don't want to break the bank, costing £18.99 for a large container. This simply smells like Christmas in a jar as it has a mixture of Festive Ginger, Brown Sugar and Orange Zest to create it's scent, which makes it a very rich, traditional Festive Candle! (linked here)

Another classic Festive favourite of mine, is Yankee Candle Cosy by the fire, which is perfect for a cosy winter night in. Cosy by the fire is part of the Baby it's Fun Outside and Cosy Inside range and it's scent of ginger, cloves and orange over subtle woody scents, make it a Christmas must have!

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