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Blogmas Day 6: Bloggers I've Been Loving | November!

I know I'm a little late  on this post but ... better late than never ehh? I've been wanting to do a post where I share my favourite bloggers/posts of the month with you all, to spread my love for fellow bloggers work.

1. Em Talks -

Em is a Lifestyle and Travel Blogger, with some Fashion and Beauty related posts. I really enjoy reading her content ... even though it does make m want to drop everything and go travelling!

2. Loula Belle Rose -

I've been reading Laurens blog for a while now and I really enjoy her content. She is a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and  I recommend you all take a look!

3. Poppy Deyes -

I'm sure you all know who Poppy Deyes' is and I really have been liking her content recently, but particularly throughout November. Her blog is based around Fashion, Food and Lifstyle, and I particularly like her recipe posts!

4. Love Cally -

Love Cally is a new blogger, but even after a couple of posts I can tell that I'm gonna be obsessed. Cally is a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and I really recommend you check her out.

5. Laura Likes Change -

I recently came across Laura's blog and I've been enjoying them as they're slightly different to the usual blogs I read. A lot of Laura's Posts are based around Mental Health and if you suffer with your MH I would recommend you have a read!

6. Maria J -

I've been reading Maria's blog for a while now and she was one of the many bloggers who inspired me when I first started blogging.
7. Alix Kate -

Alix is still fairly new to blogging and I really enjoy reading her content which is based around all things Beauty. Alix is a really lovely girl and I recommend you check out her blog!

8. Lauren Conrad -

Lauren is another new discovery for me and I really like that she posts about all different subjects including Food, Fashion, Family, DIY and much more.

9.  Imogenation -

I know Imogen's more of a Youtuber now, but throughout November I went through and read some of her old posts and I really liked them so I couldn't not include her in this list!

10. Lily Pebbles -

Last, but not least, is Lily Pebbles, who I came across in one of Zoella's recent videos and have been glued on both her Blog and Youtube ever since ... I'm sure you will be too!

Smaller Bloggers To Check Out:
Kate Hawkins 
Gabrielle Banner
Charlotte Eva
Erika Kull
Annie Chanie 
Jessica Rose 
Chloe Plus Coffee
Lisa Dimaline 
Cerys Faye 
Life of Bee Blogs
Erin Ross
Life in a Fish Tank
The Glossy Belle
Scandi Lifestyle
Jack Deyes
Sara Dawson

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some new bloggers. Please let me know some of your fave bloggers in the comments below!

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