Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas Day 4: Youtubers to watch at Christmas!


The first Youtuber that I would recommend to watch at Christmas (well, all year around tbh, but particularly at Christmas) because she does 24 Days of Zoella, meaning that she uploads everyday from the 1st December to 24th December on both her main channel and her vlog channel (this year shes only doing 24 days on her Vlog Channel though!)  I really enjoy watching Zoellas videos because they give you warm, cozy, Christmas / Wintery vibes. 

Some of the Zoe's Videos to watch:


Saffron vlogs everyday and her vlogmas vlogs are really making me feel Christmas-y. Last year Saffron called her Christmas Vlogs 'Saffvent' and she did many giveaways throughout the month of December. I would really recommend to check Saffron's videos out!!

FLORAL PRINCESS aka Anastasia -

I started watching Anastasia around Christmas last year and I really loved watching her videos - especially her Autumn and Winter videos! Anastasia has also started daily vlogging a few months ago, so

(I also thought I'd link this one because I love homeware  hauls!)


I came across Olivia's Channel when she was doing 24 Days of Christmas on her channel this time last year, and I just found myself binge watching all her videos. She's just soo real, although she comes from a celebrity family, she doesn't come across like other people may do if they were in her position, like stuck up or anything. Honestly, I know you will all love her and I would recommend you go over and check her channel out!! 


I've been watching Brittney's videos for years now and I really love how she does soo many different types of videos including vlogs, surgery related videos, challenge and so much more. I particularly love her Christmas videos because, she just celebrates Christmas so differently to the way I do and as shes in Australia Christmas is in the summer time.

Megan Leigh / Lavitadimeg -

You may know Megan better as Ciaoobelllaxo,  who I've also been watching for  years now, probably a good 5 or 6 years. Megan does Vlogmas every year so I always look forward to her vlogs! It's also nice to see how she's gone from Christmas vlogs with her parents and family to now her family vlogs with her boyfriend and his daughter! 

I've really been enjoying Lauren's videos for a while now and she's also doing Vlogmas on her Vlog Channel and 12 days of Christmas on her Main Channel so make sure you check out her videos, you wont be disappointed!!

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