Sunday, 17 December 2017

Blogmas Day 17: My Favourite A/W Nail Polishes!

top left: Ciate - Power Dressing
top right: China Glaze - Queen B >> here <<
bottom left: China Glaze - Loco-Motive >> here <<
bottom right: Lipsy - (From a set)

I really love having freshly painted nails, it just makes me feel more put-together and I even like painting them ... it's just so therapeutic. I also did a post about my favourite Spring nails, so if you want to see that >> click here << . But for now the dark shades are back ... oh I have missed you!!

My favourite colours to have my nails are either Black or Navy Blue ... idk they just make me feel a lil' bit glam and sophisticated haha! Surprisingly all of these shades are pretty new faves ... not new to my collections tho ... but I've finally broken out of the cycle of my most used colours to find something new. And thank god I did as I'm really loving these colours!

Loco-Motive (left) is really nice to use as a top coat, to add a bit of sparkle for the festive season and I've been using it on top of literally any colour ... it just works!! Although it looks quite dark in the bottle it actually comes out near enough clear, just with the glitter.

Queen B (right) is the perfect deep purple colour and considering China Glaze Polishes are quite cheap, these shades are so opaque that you literally need only one coat. These polishes are also good dupes for OPI polishes and considering the price, I'd say they're better.

This time last year I first tried this Ciate Nail Polish in Power Dressing, and it was my go-to for months after. I've been so exited to get using it again. As I mentioned, Navy Blue Polishes have to be my favourite to wear and the Ciate polishes are incredible,  but they do dry out fairly quickly ... which is the only down side. They are opaque and they dry quickly, so there's no risk of me smudging them straight away!!

This Lipsy Nail Polish came in a Christmas Gift Set, and before I used it I thought it would be a little cheap-y polish that would chip easily, but I'm so glad I was wrong. This is a really nice pearly pink shade, it's really opaque and it dries in less than a minute. I really recommend Lipsy Polishes. 

What are your favourite Nail Polishes for A/W? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I haven't ever thought about dark blue as a winter shade but it sounds amazing! So sophisticated I'll have to try it! xx Brynn


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