Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Blogmas Day 13: Would You Rather Xmas Edition | TAG!

You know me, I love doing TAG posts and I was kindly tagged, by Alice from, to do the 'Would You Rather - Christmas Edition' ... so lets get into it!

Eat Brussel Sprouts or Cauliflower Cheese?

I really do not like Brussels Sprouts, so it would have to be Cauliflower Cheese  ... which is one of my fave parts of Christmas Dinner. 

Have twinkling lights or still lights?

Twinkling, without a doubt! They just make everything feel so magical and Christmassy ... and they look so pretty.

Eat Gingerbread or Ferrero Rocher?

Surprisingly I'm not the biggest fan of the taste of Gingerbread as much as I like the scent, so I'd have to say Ferrero Rocher.

Open your presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?

I'd say immediate family, as I get quite awkward when everyone's watching haha!!

Cook Christmas Dinner for the whole family or don't eat Christmas Dinner at all?

I'm not the best cook, so we probably wouldn't eat Christmas Dinner at all, I wouldn't  want people to get ill haha!!

Have a real Christmas Tree or a fake one?

I'm obsessed with real tree's, I think they look nicer and the smell of them is incredible ... however I feel like you can get some really nice fake tree's now, that don't look tacky, so I do like them too.

Use Blue, Yellow, White or Multi-coloured lights?

It may sound  boring, but White, like warm white twinkly lights, for me nothing makes it feel more Christmassy and cosy.

Eat Mince Pies or Christmas Pudding?

Mince Pies. I've only recently started liking them, in the last 2-3 years, but now it's not Christmas without one!

Wake up at 6am or 10am?

Wake up at 10am 100%. Christmas Day is about being relaxed and not being in a rush!!

Drink Champagne or Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate haha! I'm such a kid, I love chilling, watching a Christmas Movie with a Hot Chocolate and a box of chocolates!

Eat Heroes or Roses?

Probably Heroes, however I always choose Celebrations over the lot!!

Get a Puppy or  a Kitten for Christmas?

As much as I think Kittens are cute, I'm much more of a Puppy person, so deffo a lil' Puppy!!

Watch ELF or Home Alone?

ELF, it's the type of film I could watch multiple times in the same week and not get bored of, but with Home Alone I can only watch it once every  Christmas!!

Only be able to listen to Christmas Music all year round or never hear a Christmas song again?

I would probably just listen to Christmas all year round, at least then it should actually get myself in the Christmas Spirit by Christmas ... which I struggle with haha!!

Wake up bright and early and get all the best Boxing Day sale goodies or stay warm and cozy in bed wearing your new Christmas Pyjamas?

Stay warm and cozy in Bed, I don't think the Boxing Day sales are even that good tbh, so it would be a waste to go out in the cold haha!! 

The rules are to TAG four other bloggers, if I haven't tagged you, feel free to join in on the TAG as well!!

I Tag:

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  1. I forgot to comment the other day, but wanted to say thank you for tagging me in this! I loved your answers to this :) Hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx


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