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October Favourites!

November already?! ...  Where has this year gone? Throughout October I've been trying out new products and going back to using oldies, but goodies ... so these are my monthly favourites for October.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist-

I started using this a couple of months ago,  but throughout October it's become the only hair product I've needed ... it's my saviour! Because my hair is really thick, I can only brush my hair our when it's wet ... and even then it's a struggle. This mist just gives your brush a helping hand when brushing through the hair, so that it doesn't pull on the hair, causing it to break. I have noticed my hairs becoming a whole lot more healthy looking since using this and it's even got a bit of a shine on it. It can seem a bit pricey at £7 for this small but it works wonders and it deffo is worth it!!

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal Facial Wash-

If you've seen my 'Boots Haul' post, you would have seen me mention this face wash. After using this for a few more weeks, I have grown more and more obsessed with this stuff. I'm so shocked at how well it's clearing up my acne, by not only cleaning out my pores but also keeping my skin hydrated, which I've never felt with a face wash. I've always felt face washes drying out my skin but this one is doing the complete opposite. Also for less than £5, it's deffo a winner for me and I highly recommend!

Boots Haul Post - (click here)

Pur Correcting Primer (mini)-

I received this mini sample of the Pur Correcting Primer in a gift set a while ago, but I recently started using it and have been really liking it. The primer actually looks like a moisturiser, so it hydrates the skin, but it completely disolves into the skin, feeling like you have nothing on your face. It also gives the feel of a silicone primers, so it really fills in the pores and hides the redness. The smell isn't the nicest, but besides from that I have really enjoyed using it, so I may have to pick up a full size!

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Breathable Concealer-

You may have already seen my review post on the Breathable range or if you haven't you can find it (here). If you want the full review you can head over to that post, but I have been using this every single day since I bought it. I am actually so shocked at how much I've be liking this ... it actually reminds me a bit of the Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, except the Rimmel one is a little bit thicker.

NYX Lip Liners in Ever and Cappuccino-

Lip liners are not something I usually wear, unless I'm putting a full face on, but throughout the Autumn I feel like dark lip liners can just complete a look ... even if it's just a natural, everyday look! The lip liners that I have been wearing this month are Ever and Cappuccino both by NYX. Ever is like a dark pink-y nude and Cappuccino is a dark brown. These liners also pair with the gloss (below) really nicely.

ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Nice + Natural- 

This lip balm has been a must have in my Makeup Collection since day 1. I've never had a balm soo pigmented that works to hydrate lips and actually looks like you're wearing a gloss. The balm is a nude colour ... not too dark and not too pale ... it works just right for my skin tone (I'm not sure how it'll look on other skin tones) but I do feel like it'll suit any skin tone, but differently.

Max Factor Max Effect Gloss Cube in 06 Choc Brown-

I also don't usually wear glosses, unless I'm wearing a full face, but this gloss has been my go-to lip product throughout the month of October. It's so pigmented for a gloss, it lasts on the lips and it smells soo good!! I'm not sure what the scent actually is but I feel like a lot of dark brown/nude lipsticks and glosses have that distinctive smell! It also has SPF 15 in it to protect the lips from getting burnt ... it's got it all! I believe this may have been discontinued but you may be able to find it on Amazon or eBay.

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