Saturday, 11 November 2017

Giving my brows some TLC - my new fave brow dye! *cheap*

Whats better than fresh brows, perfectly waxed and tinted and not having too worry too much about filling them in. If my brows look good, I feel better and look better ... they just frame your face. I find that I look a lot more fresh faced and without makeup I don't look so ILL haha! Well the answer to that is >> nothing <<. 

I've always used the Eylure Brow and Lash tint, which I thought was alright  but it had to be left on for ages to actually make much of a difference and then I noticed my brows were getting like crispy and I was scared they'd fall out haha! I then came across this Apraise Brow Dye which I'd heard soo many good things about and it's only £3.95. The Eylure dye is around £7.50 but you only get a small tube, probably half the size of these ones! 

I've been mixing the Dark Brown (3) with Black (1), it just needs mixing with a little bit of activator (I use the one from the Eylure set) and 5-10 minutes later your brows look fleeky!! I was a bit nervous at first that the black would make them too dark, but as the Brown comes out a little bit like a red-y brown, the black makes it like a dark brunette colour ... which really works well with my hair colour. 

I really recommend this to anyone that needs to give their brows some TLC too, it's super cheap and works really well >> it's also one of the best I've tried so far << and it also works for your lashes too (if you're careful!).

I'm so sorry that this is a fairly short post, but I just couldn't NOT share this with you all and I hope you enjoyed!!

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