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Dior Makeup Sponge Review - Is It Bye-Bye Beauty Blender?! | #1

As you may ... or you may not ... know that I'm obsessed with the Beauty Blender, since I first started using it nearly two years ago, I haven't gone back to any that I was using before. I used to use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and one of Beauty Bay's own sponge, which both worked really well, but there's just something about the Beauty Blender than I love more! I've been wanting to try out new sponges for ages so I thought why not share my opinions with you all and turn this into a series on my blog.

Let me know if you would like me to turn this into a series, in the comments below!

The first sponge that I've decided to try out is the Dior Backstage Blender - Fluid Foundation Sponge, which retails at just £12. This sponge is shape like an egg, just like the beauty blender, but the bottom is more flat, rather than round. The Dior sponge is also more firm than the Beauty Blender, which I noticed made it harder to blend out because it just moved the product rather than bounced it in.

When the Beauty Blender is damp, it does grow slightly in size and as it soaks up the water, it makes it so much easier to bend seamlessly. However, the Dior sponge didn't seem to grow much, if at all. It also didn't feel like it hadn't soaked up any water at all so it just felt like I was using a dry sponge,, which didn't agree with my skin at all. Because I have combination skin, I like to use damp sponges to add a little bit of moisture into my foundation and concealer to hydrate the dry patches but this sponge seemed to make it quite patchy around those areas.

On the areas of my skin that are more oily, I did find that this helped to blend in the foundation and making more matte around those areas ... I guess because I wasn't adding any more moisture to it.

I did find that the sponge worked better that the Beauty Blender, when baking,due to the firmness of the sponge as it made it easier to focus on each area e.g. under the cheek bones. This is because I could keep the sponge in an even line when cleaning up my contour.

I would recommend this sponge to those who either have normal skin or oily skin, or those that would use it to bake. Although it doesn't work very well with my dry patches, it does work very well on the more oily areas of my face and cleans up the contour making it look less muddy and more defined.

Let me know what sponge / makeup applicator you would like me to review next, in the comments below!

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