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My Top 5 Fall Lipsticks!

With fall being one of my favourite times of year, especially for makeup, I wanted to share with you my top 5 lipsticks that I love to wear in the fall. Some of these shades may not be the type of colours other people go for, for this time of the year, but I really like them!!

I know a lot of people like to wear deep vamp-y purple, berry shades during the Autumn, but for me it's all about the dark reds and brown-y shades.

Left to right:
No7 matte lip crayon : 'Raspberry Red'
Smashbox Lip Gloss : 'Disco Rose'
MAC Creemsheen : 'Party Line'
MAC Retro Matte : 'Flat out Fabulous'
MAC Matte : 'Stone'

The first lipstick that I love to wear during fall is this No7 Matte Lip Crayon in the shade Raspberry Red. I love this because it's such a deep red shade that just SCREAMS Autumn! 

Usually during the Autumn I like to wear more of a matte lip but sometimes when it's been cold and if my lips start to chap, I love to put a gloss to just to keep my lips hydrated. This is the Smashbox lip gloss in the shade Disco Rose. It's slightly darker than how the swatch looks and because it's so pigmented you can just wear it on it's own, without a lip liner or anything.

My next fave is Party Line by MAC, which is a deep red shade (it seems to look more purple on the swatch' and this is your typical Autumnal lip colour. I'm so exited to start wearing this again!

Next up, is the MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in the shade Flat out Fabulous, which is definitely my favourite fall shade.  I love this because it's got the berry kinda shade of an Autumnal lip, but it's also still quite bright so you can still hang on to the bright Summer lip for a little bit longer. I've been using this lipstick for nearly three years and it was actually the first MAC product I ever bought. Also
the reason why this became my fave fall shade is because I bought it in the fall and became obsessed with it.  

Lastly, we have the MAC lipstick in the shade Stone, which I started to use last fall and became obsessed with. I've just bought a new one (hense why this one hasn't been used yet) and I can feel myself becoming obsessed with again this year!

If I could have picked another shade it would either have been Media by MAC or the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite fall lip shades are?!

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  1. I LOVE the look of party line by Mac! It's so pretty! I live in colors like that in the fall, and I'm such a lover of Mac lipsticks too! xx Brynn

    1. It's so perfect for fall, I've had it ages but have really been getting into it the past few weeks! Xx

  2. I have purchased Clinique's Black Honey over and over again when fall comes around 😊

    1. That colour looks so nice for autumn, I must try it!! 😊

  3. I can't believe I've never seen or heard of Party Line, it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for Autumn xx

    1. I've had it a while and forgot about it until recently but it's a lovely colour😍X

  4. Great selection!

  5. I think I'm going to have to get Party. What a pretty fall color!

    Love, Lindsey


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