Wednesday, 2 August 2017

All about the Sheet Masks!

Sheet Masks have been becoming increasing popular in the beauty world recently, so I thought I would pick up a few different ones to try out!

I've tried my  fair share of face masks and I love that they all have different purposes with some being focused on pores, some anti-aging and others at detoxifying there is something for everyone. There are also many different types of sheet masks,  other than the standard ones, including mud masks, eye masks, lip masks and bubbling masks. 

Another reason why I've been loving using Sheet Masks is that they aren't messy like regular masks and they don't require any faffing about trying to get the whole lot off of your face after use as they come off in one go and can go straight in the bin. 

I've really been liking using the FACEINC by NAILINC Masks recently as they've taken a different approach by having cute designs on them. 

Boots Super Hyaluronic Mask - RRP £2.50 (here)
Boots Super Saffron & Peony Mask - RRP £2.50 (here)
Skin79 Hawaiian Mud Mask - RRP £4.50 (here)
FACEINC Instant Detox Mask - RRP £5 (here)
YesTo Tomatoes Charcoal Mask - RRP £3.50 (here)
Strawberry Mask - RRP £2 (here)

I have used a few of these masks and I can say that they are really helping to re-hydrate and clear up my dry, acne-prone skin. I would really recommend the Boots Masks and the FACEINC Masks in particular. However I did like using the Mud Mask which actually drys on your face just like a regular mud mask ... just without the mess!

I would definitely recommend sheet masks to those of you that might not have much spare time for skincare but want something that will work or for those who want some relaxing down time without having to spend time cleaning up afterwards!

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