Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - Is It Worth It? | Review

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I've been wanting to try the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer for a while now but I couldn't justify spending £19 on a concealer, especially if I ended up not liking it. Recently, I've been on a bit of a Concealer frenzy, trying out different ones in a hope to find one that has everything the UD one does just without the price tag. 

Some of the Concealers that I've been trying include Bourjois Healthy Mix, Collection Lasting Perfection (my all time fave) and the NYX HD Concealer. I have been really liking these but they all seem to have the same problem ... the colour range. They all have only a handful of shades to choose from and only the Collection one has a light enough shade for us pale gals!

The shade range of this concealer still isn't the best, however, UD have brought out 3 more shades in the last couple of years since it launched. There are 11 different shades to choose from, ranging from Fair Neutral to Dark Neutral. I use Fair Neutral which is even light enough to highlight the high points of my face ... so it's a win for us pale skinned gals and guys!

The Concealer is applied with a soft doe foot applicator which is thin and flexible making it perfect for applying on the smaller more delicate areas such as under the eyes. I have tested the application of this Concealer with both a Brush and a Beauty Blender and I found it had a better, non-cakey, finish with the Beauty Blender. If you have dry skin, as I do, I would recommend to blend this out with a Beauty Blender to add moisture back in. Also, as the formula is Rich and Creamy, I felt that the Brush took a bit more blending. I usually get quite dry under eyes, which Concealers usually cling to, however, I have noticed that this one hasn't been doing this ... it just blurs and covers EVERYTHING!! 

One concern I have with this concealer is that it does start to set/dry quite quickly, so you have to blend immediately after application, which also helps to use a Beauty Blender as it keeps the moisture so you have more time to blend and it's also much quicker than a brush. I also see the fact that it sets quite fast as a positive, because it doesn't crease, giving you time to bake or set with your powder.

At first, I thought the Concealer would be too heavy to wear for a daytime look, although, after a few uses it's really grown on me, because it's so full coverage you only need a tiny bit to cover even the worst under eye bags or dark circles. Which also means that the Concealer is lasting longer than the other ones I use, so spending £19 doesn't seem so bad. 

When I bought this, deep down I was hoping that it wouldn't be too great (I think my Bank Account was too!) so that I could be happy with my Collection Lasting Perfection ... but I'm hooked and I'm glad to say that the price does reflect the performance. After reading the Claims that UD have made about this Concealer (which you can read here) I agree with them ... which I'm even surprised at. It's full coverage, but light-weight, which does feel like a second skin and it doesn't settle in fine lines. I definitely think that this could become my new Holy Grail Concealer!

So ... whats my verdict? Is it worth it? This Concealer is a real winner for me, I'm really liking it and am falling more and more in love with this after every use. To be fair at £19, it's in line with similar concealers on the market including Nars, Smashbox and MAC ... which all test on animals. except from Urban Decay!



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